How to Use Recent, Sports and Bank Advertising Campaigns

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


Most recent campaigns are seen to be innovative and brilliant if they are ideas that no one has thought of in the past. These can fall under anything such as a new way to promote healthy hair with the newest and most advanced way they have created a special formula. To be honest it’s pretty hard to think of something new because there is so much stuff out there that has already been done. Recent campaigns that are great to use in promoting your business can be email lists on web pages that you sign up on to get alerts from any kind of information. Most colleges have an alert go out to the students’ emails about campus closer and dangerous conditions. This is an emergency form of communication but very useful and a good example. Another campaign that works well in accordance with these kind of alerts is the email lists on websites such as Sport Chalet, Kohl’s or any other store based web page that will send out promotions. With these sign up lists you are able to send out coupons and promotions that the reader might find interesting. Other recent campaigns that work well are the small business or large post-it cards with promotional nights at restaurants, bars, clubs and even theme parks. These are small and compact making it easy to pass them out to possible customers. These are easy to make and can go a long way because they are so readily available to the public consumers.


Nike and Adidas are very popular sports campaigns. When a top athlete says that all they wear is the brand Nike we believe that he or she is a professional because they have that item and it must be good. Sports campaigns are surprisingly simple when it comes to making something that the public will enjoy. A certain kind of product could be at the top of the list on everyone’s mind and Nike can see through their sales what is popular. After getting this information they set up more sports campaigns having big sports stars sell their top selling product. Even if it’s not an attractive looking product the fact that a popular sports star uses it and gives it their seal of approval to the public on the product makes it buyable.


Some other kinds of sports campaigns are that of Gatorade commercials and ads. When a sports star drinks Gatorade on the television they are making the statement that they enjoy drinking this product and it helps them in their athletic performance. Despite the promotion from an athlete, the delicious taste of the product makes it even better. Sports campaigns consist of thinking outside the box and to the future. By this I mean that what works now won’t always work, so getting use out of one product for as long as possible is a smart move. Looking ahead to the future of sports campaigns will improve the quality and efficiency of future campaigns.


Advertising campaigns are all over the place. When you are driving on the freeway you may see a huge billboard advertising a new movie that is going to come out. Or you may see an insurance company telling you that they are the ones for you after all your other insurance companies haven’t worked out for you. Whatever advertising campaigns that are up on that billboard will catch the eye of the driver and its passengers if it is visible, interesting and easy to read. The best way to start with this kind of campaign is to figure out a picture that will grab attention. After you figure this out you should put a simple phrase on the rough draft and orient it around the picture. You can make the letters large and in an eye catching color to make it more effective.


Other advertising campaigns that have been effective are movie trailers on television commercials. The producers are advertising their movies before, during and after the movie has premiered. This continuous campaign will help generate more interest in the consumer because just one commercial wouldn’t be sufficient enough to bring in a large amount of people to the theatres. This is why they continue commercials so that if one person is watching the commercial and has seen it they can remember how great of a movie it is thus suggesting they go see it again with a friend. This business has continued to show the product it is selling and the repetition of the commercial continues to be an ongoing campaign.


Bank campaigns come in a variety of walk-in services, ads on the television, ads on their web pages and mailings through email or the mail. When bank campaigns are usually effective they most likely have a big promotion that is going on with the bank. Some promotions are getting free checks for life or getting 100 dollars for signing up a new account. These promotions get attention from the customer because they get something free for just signing up with a new bank. The aspect of free things fascinates the public. Doing this helps to create a sense of trust and loyalty to the bank. Several bank campaigns such as walk-in specials for customers is a fun way to promote your business because the people who walk in may not be a customer yet but will be soon and will get something a little extra from the bank for showing up to the right place at the right time. If you go to Chase Bank, Arrowhead Credit Union or Bank of America’s websites you can check out some of the campaigns that they have. More and more banking is readily available online and this is a great kind of campaign because some people prefer to do online banking instead of going into the bank itself. Some bank campaigns make available the choice of being able to pay your bills online. It is called “going paperless” and has proven to be widely used. Small things like these that you make available for your customer can make a big difference when it comes to which bank, or business for that matter, the customer will chose to apply with.

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