How to use traffic exchanges, the top manual and auto surfs and designing your own traffic exchange.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Advertising methods and search engine optimization is something that every marketer is familiar with.  Even the newbie instantly is flooded with the different techniques to market on the Internet.   With marketers interested in extra exposure and building down-lines many have begun to look into ownership of their own advertising websites.  A traffic exchange is something that many marketers have used for years and now many are getting involved in.

A traffic exchange is a membership site of marketers.  The marketers agree to view other webmasters site in exchange for having their web sites viewed in return.  Typically the traffic exchanges are free to join and upon joining the subscriber receives credits to use towards having his sites viewed.  The traffic exchanges work on a ratio with their members, such as 2:1 or 3:1, meaning for every two or three websites you view you will have your site seen one time.  The subscriber or member can upgrade for a small amount earning additional monthly credits and a 1:1 ratio.  Members will generally be able to participate throughout the month in contests and will be able to refer other members to earn cash and prizes.

The advantages to owning a traffic exchange are many.  Owning a traffic exchange gives you the ability to increase exposure to your web sites, build a down-line and earn additional income.   A traffic exchange will require the owner to be attentive daily.  He will have sites to approve and support tickets to answer.  Traffic exchanges are known for growing rapidly and a day or two away could impair the exchange.

Traffic exchange design is something you will want to consider when building your traffic exchange.  Like for any Internet website, design is very important here.  You do need a great design and you need the great design to capture the interest of prospect to your traffic exchange and to be ahead of the competition.  New traffic exchanges are going online daily.  It is a competitive industry.  To be a step ahead of the competition you will want the design to be something that captures the market and above all your competitors.  First impressions are sometimes last impressions.  Achieving the best site on the net for graphics will take a professional.  Visual presentation is half of your sale.  There are professional services that will offer traffic exchange design at a reasonable price and they are worth it. is one such site that offers this service and an outstanding service at that.  It is affordable and can take you above the competition. They are unique and skilled in the craft of traffic exchange design.

Search engine optimization focuses on visitors or clicks to your website.  Although it is time consuming and somewhat dull, traffic exchange websites offer this service to their members.  This is a place where you can advertise for free and receive thousands of hits to your site.  It is a way to focus on search engine optimization and bring your standing in the search engines up.  To use traffic exchanges is to build visitors to your website and to earn votes in the search engines.  This is a form of completely free traffic and depending on the amount of time that a webmaster views others sites will be what determine the exposure to his site.  Generally the people to use traffic exchanges are the new comer to the Internet and the low or small business.  Thousands of visitors to your site can be gained through traffic exchanges.

There are both manual and auto surf traffic exchange.  Obviously, in regards to recognition to your site the manual traffic exchanges are best.  The auto surf traffic exchange is a traffic exchange that works the same as the manual, with the exception that the clock is on auto.  Meaning the viewer does not actually need to be there to view the websites.  This is fine if you are not looking for extra exposure to your site and just hits to your site but for those marketers that are looking for increased sales as well they will not find as great as an opportunity in the auto surf traffic exchange sites.

Having one or the other is not mandatory.  A combination of both would be fine, especially when you are focusing not just on exposure but to gain rankings in the search engines.  The auto surf traffic exchange is nice in the fact that you can walk away from it and build credits, which many members do.  You in turn will receive hits to your site being able to advertise whatever the ratio permits.

Typically a webmaster has at least two or three traffic exchange programs that they belong to.  This can tally up to thousands of visitors or more a week. For the low budget and small business traffic exchange programs should be an area that the webmaster focuses in.

If done properly traffic exchanges can be largely responsible for your rankings in the search engines, depending on your product or business and the amount of time you have to put into the task of viewing websites.  This however can be eliminated with the purchase of views.  Normally, like with most Internet advertising a combination of methods is involved.

Consider combining your traffic exchange programs with Pay Per Click or email campaigning.  The combination of the two can yield excellent results.  Most importantly place an ad tracker on your links for each campaign you perform.  This will be your tracking to know where your hits or visitors are coming from and how successful each advertising campaign is.  Be creative and devise a campaign that works for you.

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