How Use Daily Deals for Local Search Marketing Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.06.2012


Daily Deals, such as Groupon, AmazonLocal Deals and LivingSocial Deals, have become a big trend in email marketing Los Angeles. Marketing firms recognize that the recent popularity in Daily Deals shows no signs of slowing down.

Daily Deals are email and mobile updates on the latest discounts from local business, which serves as a benefit for local search marketing Los Angeles. Marketing research has shown that spending on Daily Deals has grown in the billions of dollars.

Marketers have learned a lot about how to use Daily Deals, ever since Groupon first opened for business in 2008. In the past, Daily Deals sites had been in danger of marketing in such a fashion as to alienate their members and put their business in jeopardy. If you plan on marketing in the Daily Deal fashion, there are a few things you should keep in mind to avoid consumer alienation.

For one, keep communications with customers to a minimum. The name is Daily Deals… that means once a day. Avoid the temptation of increasing communications during holidays and special events. Worst case scenario, your costumers will quickly get annoyed at the high volume emails and choose to unsubscribe. Sending a lot of unread emails may also subject you to spam or junk folder fodder. If you find that this is the case, you may have to negotiate with the ISP provider to bring up you email inbox placement.

One thing that Daily Deals do well is giving out exclusive deals. Giving your most active customers a limited, exclusive deal will make them feel special and keep them engaged. After all, just because they hunt for bargains, doesn’t mean they don’t want a taste of the exclusive.

When one of the hottest apparel stores in town is offering a seventy percent discount to only a limited amount of people, you will only want to give those best deals to your best costumers. This will keep customers loyal and coming back for more, as witness by advertising companies Los Angeles. Local retail shops and restaurants often post up great exclusive deals for Daily Deals customers.

It would be a mistake to delete customers from your subscriber list who has only bought one deal. Instead, try to entice that person. Use the subject heading to your advantage by posting special deals.

Be aware of the fact that no deal is so amazing that everyone will want in on it. Not everyone wants half-off at the salon or a deep discount on a batch of cupcakes.

Instead sending that one amazing deal to everyone, keep track of what each customer clicks on and checks out to determine their own individual interests. Send out specific deals based on personal interests of the customer. Also determine when the best time is to send out emails based on when they open the emails.

One final piece of advice on sending out Daily Deals is to prominently list a Share link in the email. This ensures that interested customers will share the Daily Deal coupon with their friends on social networking sites. This will also give you a chance to increase your site traffic and subscriber base.

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