How Web Ad Agency Address Pages Can Benefit You And Your Business

lolajane, Staff Writer October 7, 2009

A good ad agency web site will account for the vast majority of its clients’ needs that they can provide for. By simply typing in the agency web address, businesses are opening a door to gaining new and better customers due to the help the agency will provide. Agency web sites are a great beginning point for the search in finding an agency that will best suit your business’s needs. First though, we need to investigate the relationship between agency and web knowledge.


Many advertising agencies specialize in web development. Over the last decade, the uses of the Internet have done nothing but increase. With increased web traffic comes an increase in sales. Even after the dot com bust earlier this decade, Internet companies are still popular. With so many people using the Internet now, how can they not be popular? The popularity of the Internet simply needs to be harnessed in your company’s favor. Agencies are exceptionally placed since the field is relatively new and complex. Not just anyone can design a web site; it takes a special talent to be both creative and technical.


Web design is a difficult subject; this article is not intended to teach the ins and outs of it, but rather how good design can help your business grow. The agency designing your site should have equal parts creative talent, marketing psychology know how, and computer knowledge. Although it is getting easier to create content on the World Wide Web, good design is not something that can be learned overnight. The same holds true with marketing psychology. A good designer needs to know, for example, which color scheme will retain the most amount of customers, where users are most likely to look first on a site, and also how the general community feels about your products and services.


Web design is certainly an important feature of your business. It will set the tone for customer sentiment. The site designed can fall under two categories, one being far superior to the other. A static site remains unchanged and shows the same content to each visitor to the site. A dynamic site, on the other hand, can be customized so that each visitor has a more meaningful experience while on the site. A call to action, or a set of questions when the page is first loaded can easily accomplish this for your business’s site. Location, age, sex, and other topics can be molded to give each potential client that visits your site a personalized experience. You can even have the site remember what the customer expressed interest in the last time they visited the site. By instantly popping up images of similar products from what they looked at last time, you will cater more closely to your customers’ needs by anticipating their next purchase. The better service that you will be providing for the customer easily outweighs the inconvenience caused by the questions.


The success of your call to action can be determined by a positive change in your business’s conversion rate. The conversion rate can be determined by the goal number of sales divided by the number of hits your web site receives. A few things can raise your company’s conversion rate, all of which the agency should be aware of. Sales are not the only thing that you will want to track. Newsletter sign ups, special offers and coupon registrations, and software downloads all are things that are easily tracked. These methods are a legitimate way to increase new web traffic and retain older customers. They engage customers and constantly remind prospective clients of your brand.


Another way to increase your site’s conversion rate is by having live help on your site. An online sales representative can be contacted with an instant message from the website directly to the agent sitting in the office. If customers have a question, they can get help instantly. When in direct contact with a salesman or woman, the prospective client is more likely to become a client.


Within the agency web pages there are many clues as to what they can provide for the online face of your business. They should have a brief list of services provided along with a mission statement. These services will probably be kept vague since the site will not want other agencies to replicate their services. Because each site is unique in the services and methods provided, you will need to shop around for the agency that best suits your needs. This should always include follow up phone or personal interviews of prospective agencies.


The services listed on the web site may not be all inclusive. The site cannot tell each company what they will do and how they will benefit your business for the simple fact that each company is different. It is impossible to tailor a website that will address each company’s individual situation. This is yet another reason why an interview should be scheduled prior to a commitment. If your business requires special attention or faces a unique problem, you will want the agency to adapt to meet your needs. It is great if an agency has helped similar companies in similar positions in the past, but this does not necessarily need to be the case. You should look for agencies with credentials that have acted successfully for clients in the past.

Ad agencies are great resources, but you do need to be aware of the kind of services that they can and cannot provide. With a bit of understanding of what they should be doing for your company, you can be better prepared for a meeting with the agency’s representative. You should always follow up web and email contact with some sort of personal contact. Either a phone or a sit down, face to face interview will give you a better feel for what the agency can do for your company. Remember, you will be paying them to provide this service– you will want the best match for your company. A Web Ad Agency’s services can help your business grow substantially. You can find a reputable Web Ad Agency by searching the Internet or by asking other business owners.

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