How Web Design By An Internet Advertising Agency Will Affect Your Company’s Marketing Strategy

lolajane, Staff Writer October 7, 2009

Advertising agencies exist in order to direct prospective clients and consumers to a company’s products. An Internet advertising agency will do the same thing for your products or services, only their actions take place in cyberspace. Oftentimes, this is accomplished through the advertising agency’s web design on your homepage. It is vital that your website be attractive and user friendly; a good agency will ensure that this is the case. A poorly designed website is quickly navigated away from by customers. Web design is just one aspect of the advertising agency’s Internet marketing scheme. A good website is nothing without traffic. In order to boost sales, the advertising agency will need to maximize the traffic that your website sees. It is a proven fact that the more people view your page, the more revenue you will see come in.


There are a few simple ways that the Internet advertising agency will do this. The first is through viral marketing. Viral marketing takes place when word of you or your product spreads from prospect to prospect. Like a communicable virus, you want your product to reach as many people as possible with as little effort as possible on your part. An e-book or an e-zine can accomplish this if you have interesting information to share with your prospective clients. If they find your communications helpful, they may be willing to share it with others. Social networking sites can also spread word of you and your services. Remember though, you do not want to make your sales pitch on these sites- this will quickly get you flagged as a spammer. Rather, the point of social networking sites is to pique a prospect’s interest; the sales pitch will occur once they actually navigate their way to your page.


The second way to increase traffic is by the creation of a blog. Blogs keep your prospective clients up to date with any developments within your company or in your niche market as a whole. The blog is where you will gain you prospect’s trust. The more knowledgeable and in depth your blog is, the more you as a business owner look like an authority on your particular subject. Search engines also prize the value of blogs since they have the most current news within your respective industry. A blog is a quick and easy way to keep your site’s content fresh and new. If you do not feel comfortable writing for your prospective clients, a freelance writer can always be hired.


Borrowing traffic is an ingenious way to bolster hits on your site. By encouraging other sites to endorse and post your link, you will see an increase in traffic. Beware though, these other sites may charge you a commission for their accommodations. This method can be particularly beneficial if the site has a large number of subscribers to their opt-in emails. Imagine how many hits your site would get if 1,000 people received an email featuring your link from a site they frequent and trust.


You will also want to recycle the traffic that already exists. Simply put, you need to make your page’s audience return to your site often. The creation of an opt-in email list can accomplish this for you. By getting your prospective clients to give you their contact information, you can periodically send them information on your company and your products. It also keeps your business’s name fresh in the prospect’s mind. These people will give you their information if they are interested in what you are selling- in other words; these people have a sincere interest in learning more about your products. This tool needs to be utilized carefully, however. Too many emails will be considered spam, and your prospective clients will just delete the email from their in boxes.


A second way to recycle traffic is by creating a ‘members only’ site. If your site has a forum for discussion or special software for your customers to use, the creation of a page only accessible to those who give their information to you will keep them coming back to your site. This also builds a sense of closeness with the business and will increase the volume of repeat customers.


Advertising agency web designs will maximize these necessities. By using tried and true marketing techniques, these agencies will attempt to place the content of your site in a manner that will facilitate more visits. The law of large numbers implies that the more visits you have at your site, the higher your sales numbers will be. For example, your site may not prominently display your contact information. If you want to encourage more sales, it should be very easy for your clients to contact you. The agency will restructure your site so that your email address and toll-free number are easily viewable to even the least observant of your prospects.

Another way an agency will promote your site is through search engine hits. The more relevant your site is to a few keywords, the more likely traffic is to come to your site. If you elect to use a pay per click service such as Google’s AdWords, the agency will do the research for you to determine which keywords promote the most hits on your site for each search engine that you wish to utilize. The keywords that are the most beneficial will be promoted while the keywords that don’t result in clicks to your site can be eliminated, thus saving you money. The agency will charge a fee for this, but you should more than make up the difference with the increased traffic that your site will see.


Finally, an agency may help you by attracting referrals. There are a few ways of doing this, one of the more popular being a postcard campaign. If you send out 1,000 postcards advertising your company to your target audience and receive 10 responses, you have increased your sales base, even if it is only by a little. This does not mean that the other 990 prospective clients have said ‘no’ to you, they have merely said, ‘not now.’ By keeping in touch frequently with your target audience, some of those ‘not now’s,’ may eventually turn into sales. The more contact you have with the prospect, the more likely they are to purchase something from you in the future. Your web design is a key tool in getting the customer to feel comfortable doing business with you. You should think of how you want your web site to represent you and then begin your search through the Internet or local phone book for the Internet advertising agency that can provide you with the results you are looking for.

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