How With One Simple Web Page Submit to Google Search Engine for Free and the Right Promotion Took My Company Website to the Top of Many Search Engines!

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

Web pages are sources of information on any particular website that are available on the World Wide Web. These pages allow a browser to access the site and have it displayed on their computer screen. The information is usually stored in the form of html or xhtml format. They are also present there to help the browser navigate to other pages or sites or forms through hypertext links. So being a webmaster if I want to submit my web site to any search engine I will have to ensure that my web pages are informative and easily navigable. Web pages can be retrieved either from the local computer or a remote web server. The web server such as corporate intranet may allow restricted access. Web pages are sought and served from the web servers through the HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Web pages consist of static as well as dynamic content. Static content is the text stored on the files of the web server while dynamic content is the (X) html formats. Web pages can be created only by specialized html and text editors. Traditionally to submit my web page to the web server, I would need the services of a FTP client. Designing the webpage is extremely personal – it can be made either according to personal preference or through pre-designed templates. Pre-designed templates allow the designers to edit the content and the overall aesthetics can be retained. You can also prepare web pages using specialized software such as Wiki or CMS. Through this you can create a dynamic web page quickly and easily. When somebody views your web page, a copy is saved in the temporary storage space of the computer and depending on the browser settings, the copy may be stored or deleted.

Once the web page has been designed and launched you can proceed with submit web page Google.

  1. For this you can access the submit web page Google area at
  2. You will enter your full URL with the prefix http:// included.
  3. You will also have the option to add comments and keywords to describe the web site’s content. However this will be used only by the Googlebots and does not affect the indexing of the page.

When you submit web page Google, it requires only the top level page and not necessarily every page of your website. The Googlebot will automatically find the remaining required information. Since Google updates the indexed files regularly, you need to keep your site updated so that Googlebot does not reject your site as outdated link submitted. Similarly dead links also fade out of the index hence ensure that your web page does not lead to any 404 file not found errors. Submit web page Google will help you let others know about your site and invite them to visit, but making your site search engine friendly and then submitting it will be more beneficial. Google provides most of the information on its help pages and following them can help you walk easily on the road of success. Google is undoubtedly a cheap and effective search engine and submit web page Google has the least of hassles.

You can also submit website search engines free of cost. All search engines are interlinked and once you submit to one search it will eventually be indexed by other search engines too. However this may take time and may sometimes not be as fruitful as required. This is why considering submit website search engines free are a cost effective method. Submitting to search engine is a long-winded, time consuming and a continuous process. Hence there are sites that can help you submit website search engines free through an automated method. These automated submission tools are extremely powerful and comprehensive and if properly promoted can boost your sites presence in all major search engine indexes. Creation of an account in this automated submission site will take only half an hour and you are on your way to promote your site with the search engines. However the bad news is most search engines detest automated submission services and it may take weeks or even months for your site to be displayed in major search engines especially Google as it gives reduced ranking in the first few months for a new site. Unfortunately this is almost mandatory and there is no easy way out. You can submit website search engines free only once a month. After each submission even if your site does not get listed you will have to wait for at least 45 days before proceeding with the next submission or your site will not be accepted. However the numbers of search engines you submit is not limited.

The other comparatively easier option would be to submit URL web directory. The benefit of web directory is all similarly interested sites are submitted here under categories. With the pressure mounting on search engines to find and list keyword searches web directories are gaining popularity faster. Web directory is quite different to search engines. They do function on the basis of keywords. Instead when you submit URL web directory it is categorized under different section and stored. When a browser seeks information a list of the relevant sites are displayed and not the web pages themselves as in the case pf search engines. Each directory will allow you to display your site in up to 3 categories. Listing your site in the web directory is quite useful since it is frequented by niches market browsers and hence the quality of clicks to your site will improve remarkably. It also increases the chance of sale conversion. Search engines also access web directories to search for information, although the relevancy of it is highly debated. There are sites that can help you with submit URL web directory. Some provide manual while some can provide automated submission. In the automated submission process, human editing is replaced with software programs that process the categorization and filtering with special.

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