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Erin Kilgour Staff Writer, 8/19/2009

Search Engines on the World Wide Web are like torches in a gold mine. Without these you would probably be lost in the maze of internet. Search Engines are also one of the best money-minting tools and hence it is of little surprise that there are many sites that compete for the top search engines post. However, the number of top search engines available is quite surprising. Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL search, MSN Live, Bing, AltaVista and the list goes on. Each has its own market share in different parts of the world. Google leads the table of top search engines with a whopping 73.68% of searches being made through it; Yahoo comes next with 16.56% searches, Bing, which was previously known as MSN Live search has a market share of 5.75% searches and Ask has 3.96% hits on an average. Most top search engines deliver quality results quite quickly.  These search engines are not only helpful to the internet browser, but to the internet marketer, product seller or service provider. The normal tendency of the internet browser is to click on the results that appear on the first page. The results are indexed accordingly to optimized keyword content on the pages. The keyword density on each page of your website will decide how many times and on which page your site will displayed. Since it is essential for every business to have their sites displayed within the first three pages of the result, webmasters indulge in what is called Search Engine Optimization which help them increase the keyword density on their site. For this purpose search engine optimization guide, has been created by experienced search engine optimizers and webmasters to help novices get a grip on the internet marketing tools. The top search engines have two types of search results displayed on the screen. What comes up on centre of the page with nearly 70% coverage is the organic search while the ones displayed on the right side of the page are the paid search results or the Adwords. The PageRank of a website cannot be increased by including paid ads like Google Adsense and the like. Hence this is one of the first points discussed in any sear search engine optimization guide.


A search engine optimization guide should help webmasters develop a website that can naturally attract browsers with a top page ranking in top search engines for particular keywords or phrases.  A website can be optimized for search engines by knowing how people are searching for the products or services pertaining to your field or market, which sites are beings displayed on the top and the reason for it and finally which searches can your site win. Identifying these search keywords or phrases (a few at least) should help you get going with your search engine optimization plan. A search engine optimization guide should help you review your site to determine if the content on your site is developed significantly so as to correlate closely with the identified key words and phrases.  You need at least one page that has meaningful and useful content for each chosen keyword family. In fact each page should focus on one type of keyword. The best example would be encyclopedia. For keywords that have strong competition on top search engines, you may need to devote an entire section for the phrase.


Searches on the internet are not limited to keywords or phrases. People also search for images, pictures and videos. Thus lot of images search engine like Picsearch, Google images, Stock Photography, Ask Images have been introduced. The images search engine helps its users to browse through vast visual resource on the net. Images search engine uses specialized technology to crawl through the net and create a searchable index of all the images available on the net. When an images search engine receives a query, the results are displayed as thumbnail images sorted in such a way that the highly relevant ones are displayed in the beginning, tapering to the least combination. Clicking on the image thumbnail, the images search engine leads the user to the website where the image came from. Images search engines use latest technology and unique features to search for the pictures. One of them, Picsearch, even has a patent-pending indexing algorithm technology. Most images search engine have family friendly features like advanced filtering systems so that children too can safely surf the net for images without coming across offensive material. These are fast, simple and accurate in their results. So now searching for the perfect images for a school project or a business meeting or to find families or just for funs is easy and simple.


Search Engine Directories is a list that has clickable links to popular search engines according to the search criteria and country. For example a Big Search Engine Index would have both Google and Yahoo listed in its search engine directories so that with just one click you will be able to search the web through two different search engines. Some search engine directories would be dedicated to images or videos or vertical portal specialist search.


Search engine directories also help you with:


  • Search Engine Submit
  • Free People Search
  • Stock Photography
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Website Promotion
  • Free Credit Report
  • Stock Photos
  • Web Search Engines
  • Free People Finder
  • People Search.


The search engine directories also have a whole list of sites that specialize in any imaginable field like Entertainment and Recreation, culture and lifestyle, medical, nature, trade and commerce, transportation, web publication, wedding services & items, animals, arts, friends and dating, gambling, safety and security, article directories, novelty, news, computers, clothing etc. Getting listed in these search engine directories can help webmasters get traffic oriented visitors as these are keyword specific and most people would prefer these to general Google or Yahoo search, where the results are displayed in innumerable pages. Search Engine directory will give you a more concise list of sites relevant to your keyword or phrase query.

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