The Importance of Competition among Students to Prepare them for Advertising Companies Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 5.25.2012


The job market is rife with competition amongst marketing and advertising companies Los Angeles. Los Angeles, one of the great advertising capitols of the world, has seen great competition among recent advertising graduates, competing for entry-level jobs at the top agencies in marketing and online advertising Los Angeles. Top marketing and advertising firms will tell you that they are interested most in a candidate who has both classroom and hands-on work experience. Therefore, responsible educators of advertising will need to address this concern to best prepare their students for the real world.

Most universities stress that students take internships along with their studies. Another method of having your students stand out is by having them participate and place in marketing and advertising student competitions. The most prestigious student contest is the American Advertising Federation National Student Advertising Competition (AAFNSAC); placement in this contest would be an excellent and valuable point of reference on a student resume. Other contests include the Bateman Public Relations Competition, the Yellow Pages Competition and the Direct Marketing Competition, all of which evaluate a student’s creative chops in advertising and email marketing Los Angeles. Most advertising firms will attest to the importance and prestige of these contests.

The guidelines of each competition follow that a written case be given out by the client to the student team or group. The teams then work together to research and plot out a marketing or advertising campaign. The campaign is then presented to a panel of judges who represent the contest.

In preparing your students for competition, go through the final draft of their campaign and make sure it is up to snuff; in other words, make sure the campaign has ideas that are clear and clearly developed, and that it achieves the client’s goals.

Some contests may require travel in order to participate in in-person judging, yet this practice is becoming more out-of-vogue, as the Internet submission is becoming more and more common. Students can also seek any resources they require for their presentation through the Internet.

It is a great idea to oversee students with different majors (communications, marketing, advertising, public relations, etc) so that they compete in one group, bringing to the campaign a variety of different points of view that allow the presentation to totally shine.

Perhaps more important than having a great line for your resume is the experience students will get from actively participating in contests. They will receive hands-on experience in learning how bringing together an advertising campaign really works, as well as learning the value of teamwork in achieving a single objective, both from creative, practical and strategic standpoints.

As with all contests, it’s important to remember that it isn’t all about winning, but doing your very best and knowing that you did everything in your power to create a great campaign. Students also learn a sense of healthy competition which is last long into their working lives.

Students cite the AAFNSAC as being one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of their student career. In any job interview with a marketing, public relations or advertising agency, the AAFNSAC will attract particular attention and provides common ground between the student and interviewer.

Student contests and competition is not only a great way for students to exercise their creativity and presentation skill, yet it also allows them to get their name out in the marketing world.

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