Importance of HTML in Web Design

Search engine optimization efforts would not get the desired objective of getting the site ranked higher if the HTML codes are incorrect. In order to rectify the incorrect HTML codes, Webmasters and SEO consultants use the free “Validator W3C” tool. Under this scanner tool the report projects each and every flaw and offers explanation as well as guidelines on fixing the error. The HTML error codes on each page can be checked and rectified by this tool. The site owner should not forget to upload the changed file to the server once the code has been rectified.


HTML keeps the web pages updated in order to make them easier to locate and also prevents the pages from being framed. They are very useful for web developers and are used to identify creator of the page, keywords and description of the page. It also provides information about web pages to search engine robots which enable the search engines to understand what the website is all about. The information is provided in a format that web crawlers understand. There are Meta Tags for page title, page description and page keyword. They not only classify websites but also control the manner in which a web robot indexes the site. These tags assist the web indexing robot in understanding the web content for assigning it a ranking in their database under specific search terms.


Web owners desirous of getting the top ranking in search engines need to add HTML “Meta Tags” to their web pages. The results would reveal immediate improvement in the ranking and may even skyrocket the website to a premier position in search engine listing. Nowadays, the most predominant feature of HTML is that it provides website owners the facility to control, to a certain extent, the way web pages would be described by search engines. It is also a way of preventing some pages from being indexed. Meta Tags are information / details inserted in the headlines of the web pages. Only the Title Tag in the head area of a web page is seen by the browser while the Meta information is used to communicate information.


A common utility of Meta Element is to specify keywords that search engines use to improve the quality of search results. When various Meta Elements provide language dependent document information, search engine search results by using the language preference of the user.

Meta Elements can also be used to indicate the geographical area served by the business where the location details are mentioned on the basis of zip codes. HTML Meta Element are also used in search engine optimization. They provide information about a given Web page in order to help search engines categorize them accurately. They are incorporated into the HTML document, but are normally not directly visible to a user visiting the site. The Meta Elements have been the focus in the field of online marketing as it provides different methods to ensure a  website’s higher ranking on search engines and consequently generates  considerable higher traffic to the website.

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