Improve Search Engine Ranking through the Submitter, use of the Directory and Software.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/19/2009

The World Wide Web opened the doors for opportunity that had never been imagined by business owners before.  The world became literally virtual and packaged in one place, the Internet.  A business owner was suddenly able to access the entire world through the proper techniques of advertising.  And, many marketers have set out to achieve this and reached their goal.  The World Wide Web has made a staggering amount of millionaires and this is not just out of the intellect, it is out of ordinary people.  But, these people are driven with a force on how to succeed on the World Wide Web.  It takes a lot of dedication or a good search engine optimization company to produce results today.


Search engines are where every marketer strives to reach the top.  Obviously, the concentration is on the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask search engines but there are many others as well and the marketer should submit his website through a search engine submitter to as many search engines as he can.  Often times the underdog will notice relevant content and “catch” the website quicker than the leading search engines thus ranking it among the results and higher in the search.


To access the search engines you can access a search engine directory.  This is a listing of the different search engines and often times will have free submission in which a webmaster can submit their site.  The search engines are a major player in your role conducting business and search engine optimization will be necessary for the serious marketer.  This will allow your site optimization in the search engines making it user friendly, relevant and achieving votes in the search engines pushing up its rankings.


To improve your search engine rankings you will begin with optimization.  This is designing or reconstructing your web site or WebPages with relevant information and your choice of keywords.  The keywords will be researched, knowing the best in relationship with your product and are popular and cost efficient in the search engines.  An optimization company can largely help with this task.  The search engines look for keywords placed in particular areas within the content of your site.  This will allow the crawler to know they are in the database and pull them into the search engine results.  They should be placed high within the content and throughout the body of the content.  You will also want to include HTML tags for your website.  Once you have done so, you will begin your optimization campaigning to improve your search engine rankings.


Search engine optimization will begin in a number of ways.


Free channels of search engine optimization which you may practice are:

  1. traffic exchanges
  2. safelists
  3. video advertising such as YouTube
  4. forums
  5. blogging
  6. social networking
  7. article submissions.

Paid froms of advertising methods will be:

  1. Pay per click
  2. Gauranteed hits


Many marketers begin with advertising through their keywords.  This is a targeted advertising.  You have researched your keywords know what are the best suited for your product, are popular and search engine friendly and the audience that will be interested in your keywords along with your product.  Pay Per Click will be the taking of your keywords and purchasing advertising.  This is a search engine advertising that the marketer will pay every time his ad appears and someone clicks on the website.  The adverts are typically in the search engine results but can also be found on other webmasters websites.  This would be on such sites that are complimentary to your business or product.  When listed in the search engines it will be to the right hand side of the search engines along with the top results.  The adverts look very much the same as the top rankings.


Article submissions will be another form in which you will advertise for search engine optimization with.  Using your keywords you will write relevant content relating to your business or product.  This will then be submitted into the directories.  When the keywords are typed into a user’s browser your article will come up among the listings.  The higher the article site rankings the higher your article will appear thus leading the reader to your website.  This is an excellent way to be placed high in the search engines quickly.  Again a search engine optimization company will be a great asset here.  The content must be relevant and it must be composed in a reader friendly way.  If you do not possess the skill to write content that reaches out and grabs your audience, ask for help.  This is something that can put you right to the top.


Free forms of advertising that the webmaster can engage in that will produce thousands of hits to their website are through traffic exchanges.  The webmaster must be dedicated.  This will mean hours spent weekly on viewing other webmasters sites in order to have yours viewed in return.  Webmasters have built somewhat of a community of themselves through the traffic exchange sites and they are a program of marketers helping marketers.  The time consumption is tremendous but your results will be achieved.


Blogging is also another means of advertising that can help to promote your product or business.  It is a website that is somewhat of a personal site where the webmaster updates with information and news or ideas on his services or products.  Many people have begun blogs for friends and family keeping them up to date on their lives.  Through the blogging a reader will have the option to ask questions and make comments.  Many keep coming back for answers and for updates.  It is a great way to build a following.


Play around with different methods of advertising and find what the best for your business are.  Success will depend on your efforts.


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