Improve Website Traffic by Having It Professionally Reviewed by Someone Who Specializes in Website Design Jobs in Los Angeles

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha




Websites that are constantly showing low traffic may be in need of a boost to improve their Los Angeles internet marketing ability.  Small business web design Los Angeles can be expensive but in the long run quality will promote high traffic and boost needed conversions.


Business owners may want to look at getting a professional review of their website.  They may want to  hire someone that is a web designer to go through their site to find out what needs to be changed in order to increase the traffic and conversion.  When going through a list of  people offering website design jobs in Los Angeles, a business owner will need to consider what is offered in a professional review of their site.  Do the research to find the web designer or web design company that has improved websites for other businesses.


  • Do they check your site to see how well it is optimized for key search terms?  Utilizing search terms that are key to your site or product on your site to their maximum potential can boost your traffic.  When your website can be found on the first page of a search, traffic stands to increase due to an increased visibility.
  • Speaking of visibility, will they look at the visual ability to grab a visitor’s attention and hold it?  If the graphics do not support your content by making a visual connection, the person that just pulled up the website will continue to another site that has that POP designed to reel them in.  Will they check the conversion rate?  Visitors like sites that are easy to navigate.  Also, a site that has a compelling sales funnel, a way to move your visitors toward purchasing, helps the conversion rate.
  • Is the product branded on the site?  A website’s home page should project a strong position to its target audience.
  • Is your graphic design communicating the right message?  The graphic design visually supports the content of the website which adds to the visitor’s experience on the website.
  • Will they check your content for quality?
  • What does your website really say?  Interesting quality content not only will keep the visitor there, but possibly make them a return visitor along with recommending the website to others!


Professional web designers that offer website reviews should address all the concerns listed.  They should also be able to give the business owner specific advice that can immediately be put to use.  They will be able to give expert advice on the site’s strengths and weaknesses with ideas on how to boost performance.  Some professionals will publish feedback online so that the business owner can get first hand, immediate impressions of their website and hear the analysis of all key elements of the website’s home page.


With these points in mind, the business owner wishing to get a professional review done can come to the table prepared.  It could be what is needed to boost their business and well worth the money spent to get it done.

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