Improving Interdepartmental Communication in Your Social Media Marketing Los Angeles Firm

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.04.2012


Although communication between individuals in your teams is very important in Los Angeles social media marketing, clear communication between various departments in your company is also vital for utmost efficiency. As an analyst, you should be able to communicate exactly what your wants and needs are to other departments in your company, even if you aren’t entirely familiar with the functionality of other departments.

You should, however, be familiar with business goals and any other information that can affect the data being exchanged and coming out of your company. Although analyzing data is vital, what is even more vital is what the data provides to an overall “big picture.” The big picture is what you’ll find when clear interdepartmental communication is present in any marketing or advertising agency Los Angeles. Marketing firms know that, although you don’t need to know every facet of what every department does, it helps to understand data and how it operates within the larger picture of the company.

One way better interdepartmental communication can be done is through tight integration between departments. You shouldn’t wait for your boss to perform such integration. Take the reins and start befriending co-workers from other departments. Perhaps you can have breakfast or lunch with other departments and discuss their daily accomplishments and tasks. Ponder whether you or your analytics team can benefit these different departments. You may find that your work complements work with other departments.

Not only does communication play a vital role in any business, but also location and office space. Having different departments work closely together in a physical space allows for seamless integration and communication.

Each member is able to contribute more when there isn’t a huge distance between different departments. Sitting closer to a different department can also provide different perspectives and ways of thinking than just sitting by your analytics team day after day. If your company doesn’t already have this kind of close proximity with other departments, this could be a suggestion for you to bring up at your next meeting.

Another way to improve interdepartmental communication is to attend meetings for different departments. Although the thought of more meetings may seem dreadful to you, you will be able to learn a lot about issues in different departments and discover how you will be able to contribute your own set of skills to different departments. Also, different department will likely appreciate the insight of an analyst to inform them of recent consumer trends.

Finally, in order to better integrate yourself with different departments, don’t ask to contribute – just do it. Don’t wait for your boss to give you a report or to assign you to the task.  Know where you can contribute and how the information you have at your disposal could serve as a benefit to the various tasks required for social media marketing Los Angeles. Marketing firms and their various departments may not know how or when to ask for you contributions, which is why taking initiative is so important.

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