Improving your website and company records with the number of “how many” of free online Internet visitors software to your website.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/8/2009

Every webmaster is interested in their visitors.  Even visitors are interested in visitors.  There is something very interesting about getting on a site and seeing other visitors that are on the site at the same time.  If you haven’t seen this on a site, typically there is an area that will say the number of visitors online, meaning how many visitors are on the site with you at the current time.  There may also be a statistics showing the most visitors ever online at one time. Enter a keyword search and view the different results.  Chances are, at least a few of the sites will display the number of visitors online and/or how many visitors online.


If you are a webmaster interested in this sort of data for your website, you will have many scripts to choose from.  There are a number of scripts for the webmaster where they show how many visitors online and will also help with the record keeping of their business.  This will help with the productivity of your site and the functional operation.


With incorporating a number of visitors online software to your website, you will be able to effectively measure the success of your advertising campaigns.  This is one great factor.  There are both paid and free online visitor counters that you will able to install in your website.  The softwares will vary ranging from basic features to more detailed features.  The advantage in measuring the advertising campaigns is you will be able to calculate the number of visitors to your web site once you launch a campaign.  Many softwares also keep record as to the where your visitors are coming from as well.


The objective of your website design is to attract a targeted audience producing the most possible sales.  Website traffic data analysis is a recording for the webmaster of accurate traffic to their website on different aspects of your website traffic and statistics that will provide you may advantages.  You will have the record of knowing your visitors during a certain time frame and bandwidth track your visitors referrers with the more detailed software, what browsers they have and other many other features.


Deep Log Analyzer is one such website traffic data analysis software that incorporates these features thus producing a productive site.  It is ideal for the small to medium size websites and provides website traffic statistics to analyze and predict visitor behavior in the future helping to insure the conversion of your visitors into satisfied customers.


There are many softwares to chose from that will help with the productivity of your website.  Design is an important aspect of your company’s image. Content is as important.  Your website development is part of your strategic planning.  This is a map of your goals for your company.  It is where you are at, where you are going or want to go, and how you are going to get there.  Whether your website is already constructed or whether you have not designed it yet, where you want to take your business in the future should be a consideration and the software is something that you should take advantage of.  If you are not willing to take on the task of reconstructing your site or building your site, there are many freelance site that offer professionals at great prices who are very qualified to perform the task.  GetAFreelancer and Elance are two such sites.  Here you will have the option of positing for the work you need preformed and a number of qualified professionals will bid on the job.


When developing your website, you will want to focus on SEO marketing or search engine optimization.  This is your building for success.  Your website should effectively include your keywords or keyword phrase and show great content and design.  When advertising your website your keywords or keyword phrase will be a main consideration.  The keywords and keyword phrases are what the Internet visitor types into their browser when searching for information or a site.  Your advertising to generate traffic to your site will be responsible for your search engine rankings.  This is all a part of search engine optimization.


Targeting your audience will be the most effective way of generating visitors to your site.  You will take many factors into consideration.  You will study and know your product, know the most likely audience, advertise including demographics such as age, sex, race, origin, interests, etc. and focus on areas where your targeted audience are likely to be.


There is virtually every type of advertising offered on the Internet.  One may wish to start with email campaigning and incorporate one or two more methods of advertising, or they may start with a variety of every method of advertising.  Internet advertising includes email campaigns through leads and safelists, text ad exchanges, surf sites, banner placements, video clips and advertising on such sites as You Tube and MySpace, forums and social sites.  Blogging is another great form of advertising.


Factors to consider when advertising, aside from targeting your audience is your content.  Content is extremely important.  Hire a professional if you are not a great writer.  You have one chance to gain your customer and you don’t want to miss it.


Begin with quality and end with success.  Devising and creating a strategic plan for success takes time.  It will take research and dedication and will not happen overnight.  This is nearly a full time job in itself. Many Internet marketers opt to choose a hired professional to complete the task for them.  This is not a bad decision when it involves your livelihood.  There are many professionals that can be accessed through a simple search engine search which are recognized as leaders in their profession.

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