In-Bound Links : An Appraisal

It has been proven without a doubt that quality inbound links are an essential element of website marketing. Search engine optimization also depends on inbound links for increasing web traffic and on-line sales. An increasing number of relevant and authoritative links to any web page acts as a potential for higher search engine ranking and quality traffic. Research surveys have illustrated the importance of inbound links in Anchor Texts and their relation to search engine ranking. The most important factors involving inbound links in Anchor Text are :

  • They are keyword focused.
  • The external link’s popularity is around 71%.
  • The link sources come from diverse sites and represent diverse topics.
  • The inbound links’ domains are trustworthy and the linked text is also relevant.


However, link acquisition from reputed link brokers create negative impact on search engine ranking as top ranking websites have never engaged in link acquisition. Such sites instead focus on earning inbound links through creative content promotion, social media and on-line public relation. Tracking links to web pages and to other competitive websites is a significant part of any SEO strategy. The importance of link building can not be overemphasized. One of the primary tools is that SEO allows users to track link information for any domain from their own sites or those of their competitors.


Any website owner can verify the ownership of a domain while users can avail of more extensive information that includes unique links along with the Anchor Text. Users can purchase credits to attain the same type of information about their competitors’ websites. The downloadable data can be obtained from top Anchor Text, top referral domain and top pages. Additionally, the tool offers daily updated features that comprises of a daily journal of new inbound links. Link building focuses on providing tools that help to automate relationship building. The technique of link building is an important SEO tool and is also vital for on-line Public Relations. This method helps contact information, tracks e-mail, monitors back links for Anchor Text, tracks activities and conversion rate.


Link building tools are extremely effective for link detection, link management and relationship development. Some inbound link tools offer basic search facility, determines the number of inbound links to a page and the number of different domains linking to a page. The tool also explores the ranking of the page based on the number and quality of inbound links as well as on the overall domain ranking. Web users not only judge the quality and quantity of links to their web page but also of their competitors.


But in the event of broken links, the robot may not be interested in visiting the site pages and may simply leave the page without “crawling”. A broken link is a link having some elements that are inaccurate and irrelevant or missing from the link’s HTML code or the link may be leading to a non-existent web page. It then becomes mandatory for the site owner to check the web pages for broken links and fix them immediately.

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