In the New World of Internet Marketing Search Engine Companies, SEO Is Alive and Well

Staff writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 7.18.2012


With the emergence of new, important disciplines within search marketing and dramatic changes to the search engine algorithms in the past year, prompting many to speculate whether or not the end of SEO is near. In actuality, SEO, like search engines, is changing and evolving in critical methodologies yet flexible enough to reinvent its strategy when needed with one primary goal in mind: To help businesses reach their goals through increased visibility online.

Well-executed SEO raises the quality of content on the Web while also working in tandem with search engine algorithms in order to create a better, more efficient experience for Web users, which is something that will always be a necessity.

This article will discuss the longevity of SEO and which methodologies in SEO are still relevant in the new, multidisciplinary world of search marketing and its effect on internet marketing search enginecompanies. The article will also discuss how internet marketing search engine companiescan build strong search marketing teams with SEO experts as critical components to organizations.

SEO: The Cornerstone of Web Marketing

Google’s ultra-personalized results, Search Plus Your World, is shaking things up in the Web marketing world. Add to that the growing need for social conversions and other search marketing tactics, SEO is adjusting the way it approaches the market. However, keep in mind that the fundamentals of SEO are still necessary, though the ways in which they are carried out may have changed.

Content/Information Architecture

The way information is structured on a website is still an important part of helping search engines understand what the site is all about, and it also helps users navigate through the information they need with ease. Navigation, content silos, keywords and Meta information all intend to help users find content and present it in a manner that’s easy to understand.

The way the content is organized and presented on a website gives it structure and a theme. If a site has conflicting information that’s difficult to follow, both the users and the search engines become confused. Therefore, synchronizing content on a website is always an important part of making sure that the user has a better, more efficient experience on your site.

Optimized content and keyword research is still an important part of matching a user’s query to content which you want to fulfill their objective. Google and other search engines always puts relevant content at the forefront, and good SEO practices ensure that content is as relevant as possible to the intended audience. What good is having quality content if it can’t be found when users explore on search engines?

Building Authority Online

For the most part, outbound and inbound links from authority sites elevated a website and its own authority, which gave that site a better chance of ranking over similar websites that maybe didn’t have as much PageRank. While PageRank may be less important these days, the way in which search engines rank authority is changing, yet the concept is the same. Endorsements remain a key to success on search engines, and SEO is still a big part of obtaining those high rankings.


Internet marketing search engine trends are continually changing.

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