Increasing Web Site Hits to Get More Internet Hits Increasing Sales

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-8-2009


Marketing requires traffic to your website.  There is no way to sell your product or service through the Internet without Traffic.  Increasing hits to your website obviously results in higher conversions through your site.  The more traffic the more sales.  Although marketing is relatively simple, it is time consuming and increasing web hits is something that will require a large amount of time.  There are many techniques which you can use to market your site.  Each requires different techniques and each will require a different amount of time.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing:

Search engine optimization marketing is the preferred way to campaign in the search engines among marketers.  There are two forms of advertising in the search engines.  There is paid and there is natural.  The paid search engine advertising is referred to as Pay Per Click and allows the marketer to be listed in the sponsored search engine results.  Positioning will depend on their bid amount and they will only pay the selected bid amount per visit to the site via the search engine paid listing.  Natural search engine optimization on the other hand will be advertising through natural channels building Internet hits to your website and increasing recognition and listing placement in the search engines.  This is more complex than the pay per click campaigning but can be done for free.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are an excellent service to the marketer.  Through the traffic exchanges a marketer or advertiser can build thousands of hits weekly.  These are sites that marketers join and view one another’s web sites.  The sites work in a ratio measuring the amount of sites you view and showing your sites in return.  Typically up to ten sites are allowed and the marketer will have the option of upgrading their membership for an even ration allowance.


Safelists are another form of advertising that allows the member/advertiser to advertise to other webmasters and affiliates.  Safelists are typically free and in order to gain hits to your site you must view other member ads as well.

Email Campaigning

Email Campaigning is a targeted form of advertising and very effective.    Through email campaigning the audience is targeted.  This is a productive way to bring high amounts of visitors to your site.  Targeted email campaigning also yields higher conversions.  It is necessary to use demographics when targeting your audience.


Blogging is also something that is extremely popular among advertisers today and highly effective to Increase Internet hits.  Blogging is a website that one updates frequently with information or product service in regards to his company.  Blogging can produce more hits than imaginable as the marketer builds a following to his blog.  It is necessary to make changes frequently.


Forums are another great place to increase exposure and build more hits to your site.  Today on the Internet there are many specialized forums that are centered on specific products and services.  It is extremely easy to find a complimentary site which will help increase your sites exposure and increase interest to your product or service.

Social Sites

Social Sites are a great way to make contacts and to advertise.  This is a free form of advertising and the marketer will be among other marketers who are interested in advertising on the Internet and their products.  Social Sites are everything from specialized sites to sites where marketers gather to advertise their businesses.  Contacts on the Internet are important and making contacts among marketers will help with the growth of your company and knowledge of techniques that are used on the Internet.

Article Writing

Article Writing will be one of the most used campaigning in your search engine optimization.  The marketer/advertiser will use keywords in which

Marketing is a strategy and with successful management can build a business online that exceeds the marketers/advertisers expectations.  Getting hits to your site will be what brings you up in the search engines.  Top positions in the search engines are the best that you can achieve as a marketer.  It literally means the difference between thousands of visitors to your site when successfully advertised.


Traffic Soar has been helping online companies with sharing techniques and methods for increasing hits for some time.  The simplicity of Internet advertising is taught on the site and many marketers are taking advantage of their services.  They are unique in the way that they offer the marketer free tools and free help.  The marketer can consult with the owners to get tips and advice absolutely free.

The company is young with the owner fresh out of Marketing School and absolutely loving his place on the World Wide Web.   Their approach is somewhat unique as as they are a huge helping hand to the marketer even with no budget.

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