Inhibiting Diversity in Advertising Agencies Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 5.25.2012


Any and all advertising firms in Los Angeles will tell you that the internet has changed the very face of advertising as we know it. Beyond radio, billboard, print and television advertising, the Internet offers consumers to be exposed to hundreds of thousands of advertising messages by the stroke of a mouse, perhaps even all in a single day.  Even when the platforms for advertising have changed, some aspects of advertising have not, such as how the ad provides information.

Part of the purpose of advertising is to be informative, a fact that is well-known by advertising agencies Los Angeles CA. Los Angeles, one of the booming capitols of advertising and marketing, always tries to be on the top of the ad game. In providing such information is a strategy to make the product appealing. Thus more favorable information will be emphasized while the less favorable information about the product or brand will be downplayed or omitted altogether. Here comes a problem with advertising, in that it inhibits diverse points of view on a product.

It isn’t just advertising that restricts itself to diversity, but consumers also. People often restrict themselves to certain lifestyles, activities, products, services, et cetera, for several reasons, thus inhibiting themselves from the diverse opportunities that life provides. We sometimes restrict what we are exposed to because what we are exposed to fits and reinforces our lifestyle. We restrict the number of websites we go to, for example, because only a select number of websites is all we need to fit our needs.

The restriction of diversity exposure inhibits the exploration of new products, brands, and new way to approach different methods of advertising and marketing. Although downplaying or omitting a product’s faults in an ad may certainly help and unsuspecting consumer to avoid fact-checking and the unpleasantness of said product, and thus may further influence them to buy the product if the ad is successful, the lack of diverse information in advertising is also provides challenges. If advertisers want to expose the masses to new products and new ways of thinking, they may have go against the very tendency to restrict information, as well as go against the consumer’s tendency to whittle down information they digest. This goes against the grain of advertising and marketing agencies Los Angeles.

Researchers have argued that advertising’s operative tendency to restrict a diversity of information also has an effect on society and culture… and not a positive effect, either. For example, when consumers do internet searches or read magazines and books that only reflect their own point of view and don’t provide points of counter-argument, it will not only deteriorate a person’s ability to make educated decisions, but also on a much larger scale by restricting democracy. By not exposing people to any and all alternatives, we may to doing ourselves and others harm.

This isn’t to say that advertising doesn’t bring positive value. It still exposes people to new and interesting possibilities, if not in a restricted scale. Advertising professionals, however, need to recognize that the marketing strategies used, and the tendency to hinder other points of view and disallow argument, could create a negative space in the long run.

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