Innovative Visitor Tracking Methods to Enhance Your Visitor Management System

Every website should have a visitor tracker system, also known as a visitor or site tracker, although most people don’t realize why they need one.  The innovative strategies for visitor management currently advocated and applied effectively by a whole variety of so-called internet experts provide some insight into the usefulness of visitor tracking systems, however. The concept itself, the notion of being able to map out an individual’s activities on a particular website, has been in place for some time, several years in fact.

One of the oldest methods of tracking involves applying a small piece of code on your website linked into a visitor’s public details, including their IP address, browser, operating system, referrer, page title, and URL.

Web trackers are good for tracking ‘real people’ or unique visitors, because they record browser details rather than server requests. A web tracker generally maintains a significantly lower count than standard log file analysis but the figure for visitors allows for far more detail. It also keeps records also of visitors who return to the same page two or more times. With log files, this tracking does not happen; pages are cached into a browser and no request is sent to the server, leaving user activity to go unreported. Web trackers and the use of a random javascript numbers ensure that visitor counters reload each time. Only ‘real people’ are tracked, which tells you when a search engine spider indexes the website.

When looking for the right website visitor tracking system, a major factor is the placement of the tracking code itself. Some counters allow you to track only the pages you ,  to, enabling you to place tracking systems on the pages you want, allowing log file analysis on all server requests recorded by default.

Although large, slow loading pages, framed websites, and cached pages can pose problems to tracker and counter systems, with the right approach you track these types of pages too.

On large, slow loading pages, you should position tracking code closer to the top of the page instead of the bottom. A visitor could navigate away before the page finishes loading and the tracking script being loaded.

On framed websites, a big problem for log file analysis is the potential over-inflation of the count. A visit to a single page can often be recorded as multiple visits, since the loading of the main frame, a side frame, and a footer can be counted as three.

Finally, with cached pages, another problem for log file analysis is the potential for a very poor undercount of visitors. A local ISP often keeps a cache of websites visited regularly, but it speeds up web use. The problem is that no server request is made to regularly visited websites and the visit will go uncounted.

Web proxies and robots also pose problems for most counting systems but it is again possible to overcome these issues. Many users access the web through a web proxy, which causes their IP address to change on each request. Log file analysis cannot not accurately count unique visitors with this system in place but a simple cookie provides the solution. With robots, the requests made to a website are recorded in log files but not recorded. Using more detail helps to create an accurate count, tracking of behavior in standard log file analysis.

Every now and again, effective visitor counters and management systems are brought out by internet experts and they work as a method for generating traffic. With the right approach, they serve as a useful tool to get to know your customers. As any marketing expert will tell you, you can never have enough information about your customers.

Using information about your visitors, building a profile of their navigation based on a compilation of the countless unique browse paths, helps you understand what customers are looking for. Applying the information you can determine the best way to show users what options they have.

With tracking methods in place, you can use text searches to help present your web visitors with meaningful options. Effective search engine can find word form variations, correct spellings and plurals, related concepts, answer natural language questions, and suggest alternative queries. This leads to highly relevant results, and fewer “no results found” responses.

Information is the element that turns good businesses into great business. If you have the right information at the right time, you really can expect to make the best decisions. A critical component is the ability to help understand how visitors are using your site. Extensive reporting and analytics establish critical insights into what visitors are doing and what they are not doing. Based on the searches being performed by your visitors, you will be able to determine and measure the effectiveness of promotions and other content publications.

Tracking the source of every visit and sale allows you to build a complete perspective of your business and a complete profile of your customers. You can also expand your marketing opportunities with the right information and an appreciation of the rapidly changing business environment. Speed of light business changes coupled with technology advancements means that the online business world is constantly changing, modernizing and redeveloping. You can, however, with innovative visitor tracking methods, stay up to date and work to increase your visitor numbers.

Web site promotion specialists generally expose their businesses to millions of targeted internet users with innovative methods, effectively branding their products and services.  The most cost effective packages on the internet, help you avoid the high advertising overheads and stacking up the return on investment through visitor management and the resultant power of regular targeted traffic.

When you track the source of every visitor, every sale, it becomes possible to build a complete perspective of customers. You can also expand marketing opportunities with the right information and an appreciation of the rapidly changing business environment, supported by technology advancements.

Experts in website promotion expose their businesses to millions of targeted internet users with innovative methods and effectively branding tools for businesses.  The most cost effective packages on the internet serve to help you avoid the high advertising overheads while boosting your return on investment.

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