Integrating Social, Mobile, and Los Angeles Local Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.17.2012


Sport marketing Los Angeles professionals – and marketers of all types, for that matter – recognize the tremendous value of local marketing, social media, mobile usage, and Los Angels local search engine marketing in any marketing campaign. Too many marketers, however, treat social media, mobile usage and local marketing as separate silos. Because customers use and consume all three channels, you must consider all three in a marketing campaign.

The three marketing channels used together are now trendily known as “SoLoMo” (social, local, mobile). Research studies show that the SoLoMo marketing trend is becoming highly effective: over seventy percent of smartphone users conduct research on their phones because of local ads they’ve seen on- or offline, and over eighty percent of people who search for local information on their smartphones are more likely to make a purchase as soon as the following day.

SoLoMo not only involves mobile searching, but also social media connecting them to local materials. The more you look into it, the clearer it gets that people are connecting to brands – and each other – using social, mobile and local facets. Thus it is vital to know how to build a solid SoLoMo campaign.

First, try to localize your campaigns to specific towns, regions and cities and target the citizens in that area. This shows that the services you are providing are dedicated and passionate about serving people in that particular neighborhood. Get immersed in that city’s culture by also posting local news blogs, weather, sports and other town-centric information on your website.

Be sure to differentiate your brand from the rest. What makes you stand out from other local businesses? Target your key audience in a way that is compelling, relevant and logical. This way, consumers will consider you and even put your message into action.

Adjust and customize your campaign to different channels. Smartphones and tablets, for example, have smaller screens and are thus more ideal for brief bits of text and information. Customize the look of your brand for each channel you use.

The vital part of making your brand accessible online is to make yourself easily Google searchable. Almost one quarter of all Google searches are localized, a figure that is almost double when measuring mobile searches. Make sure to optimize your web content. If need be, hire Los Angeles search marketing professionals and SEO consultants to help you rank high on Google’s first page.

Use the groundswell approach to marketing and encourage sharing amongst consumers. Give your most loyal consumers exclusive coupons, discounts or VIP passes to local events as incentives for spreading the word on the deal with their friends.

Including a high-quality video on the landing page of your website has also been proven to be attractive to new and loyal consumers. Also, don’t forget your offline efforts. Although SoLoMo can very much be a digitally-based effort, you should remember that consumers also find comfort in face-to-face interactions.

The best way to approach social, local, and mobile marketing is to look at the campaign from a multi-lateral approach. Look at your target audience through all sides of the lens and you’ll find that they’re more than one method of gaining a bigger audience.

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