Interactive On-Line Marketing | Platform For Viewing Consumers’ Reaction To Products

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


  Search engine is a platform for conducting interactive on-line marketing where the client can see how the consumers react to their products or services. The client has the means to run searches that follows the positive and negative responses of consumer behavioral traits. Based on this data, the professionals of the firm can fine tune their campaign, message and even launch points to increase the success ratio of their subsequent products. This is one of the most successful techniques in marketing as it provides the clients’ sufficient data to analyze and learn about their customers’ purchasing characteristics.


Incidentally, the success ratio of using interactive on-line marketing in viral marketing is quite high. However, a lot of time and effort have to be put in by the firm professionals who are contemplating offloading products or services online. People often have the misconception that viral marketing involves a style of pushing across the organization’s message. Companies believe that it is related or somewhat similar to launching a blog site or running a paid search campaign.


Viral marketing relies on passion points to spark action on the targeted web audience and the organization cannot trigger the passion points if companies are unaware of their customer traits. Though, it is true that viral marketing is a form of Internet marketing but companies which want to be successful in this mode of operation need to realize that this procedure involves a unique style of communication.On-line marketing needs to visualize the best way to deliver a message in the language the web traffic or customer understands.


Secondly, the professionals of the company have to figure out what the message should be in the first place because if the message does not click with the customer’s requirement, it fails to trigger any interest. Interactive Internet marketing professionals attempt to focus on the message that customers would gel with rather than pushing their perspective across.


It often happens that a product, if it does not sell well, is pulled out of the market. Such actions may disappoint a segment of customers with whom the product has been extremely popular. In this context interactive on-line marketing veterans’ advice is bound to create an overwhelming response and generate plenty of word-of-mouth buzzes among the people through blogs and social forums. Looking beyond the bottom line, like sales results, and responding to public demand these professionals realize that there was a niche market for the product which had been pulled out.


Thus it is important for interactive on-line marketing companies to create a remarkable and outstanding campaign that attracts web visitors. Nowadays, through blogs and social networking media, most of the Internet based customers are aware of the attractive features of various companies. Adding personality, authenticity and successfully reaching the targeted audience makes the concept of interactive on-line marketing an effective tool in Internet marketing.

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