Internet Advertising On-Line Marketing For Instantaneous Success

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


  Internet advertising on-line marketing began as websites offering product details. Subsequently, it has assumed astounding significance in online business growth and is today is a blend of theoretical knowledge and applied technical strategies. Nowadays, it keeps abreast of marketing dynamics and uses the Internet as the platform to promote goods and services by different modes of advertisement like Banner and Text Advertising, Email Marketing, Interactive Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine Marketing inclusive of Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.


The initial phase of Internet advertising on-line marketing revolves around search engine marketing, which enhances web traffic from search engines through organic search engine ranking, paid listing and advertising. It is a part of business marketing efforts that concentrates on increasing traffic to the website from search engines. In addition, it addresses conversion achieved by increasing search engine visibility.


For best results the following are advised:


  • Select a keyword phrase that is related to the product which is earmarked for advertisement.


  • Do not select meaningless keyword phrases.


  • “Cheap dedicated web hosting” is acceptable while the phrase “hosting web dedicated cheap” is not acceptable.


  • Client’s featured listing appears in search results when searchers perform an exact search of client’s keyword or phrase. Plurals and case sensitivity of keywords need to be ascertained, especially words like “web master” and web masters” are treated as different keywords.


  • Avoid using any non-alphanumeric characters in keyword selection. Letters and numbers are fine buy hyphen, period, apostrophes, quotation marks, extra spaces and other special characters should not be used as they “kill” client’s listing to appear in search engines. Example – “Online card games” is acceptable and not “Online *card* games”.


  • The recommended selected keyword phrase length should be restricted to a well considered two or maximum three-word phrase. Recent studies have revealed that surfers use multiple word phrases when performing searches on the Net. To determine which keywords are most likely to be searched, use the available tools or Word Tracker Tool.

It has been observed that Internet advertising on-line marketing techniques work better as they are speedier methods and paid listings operate differently as the site owner has to pay a certain amount that guarantees the inclusion of the site in the index. Mastering both methods and their proper combination would provide maximum search engine visibility. The objective of Internet advertising on-line marketing is not merely to find equilibrium between organic and paid listings but also to attain maximum conversion of visitors into a loyal client base. Nowadays, search engine marketing relies not only on web traffic but also on the targeted audience and the extant to which they can be converted.


This marketing strategy is all about acquiring, analyzing and using the personal information of visitors, their behavioral traits on the site, the manner in which they have located the website, the efficiency of advertising, conversion rates and e-Commerce information. At the time of strategizing the promotional activities, it is necessary to personalize and characterize the brand as it evolves a unique company identitythrough Internet advertising on-line marketing. It is a platform wherein the general public is aware of this particular Company in the marketing segment. Some of the most important tools are developing an effective business card, logo and company identification. An effective business card drives the message home. The logo represents the organization and its perception. Similarly, the organization’s name also plays a dominating role in spreading the company’s image.


To achieve on-line marketing success, it is imperative to plan a well- defined Internet marketing strategy that involves the location of a market, offering products or services that are in demand and that induces the clientele to come to the site. This would guarantee a level of financial success. Once the idea of developing the clientele zone is clear, it is best to gauge what the current clients have in common through Internet advertising on-line marketing. It is also advisable to work out a marketing strategy that is different from the competitors in a unique manner. The Internet marketers should envisage the introduction of something special in the market through innovative advertising strategies.

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