Internet Links on your Web Sites are a Easy to Find Online Using Thunderbird for Queries

STAFF WRITER:  Mary Jimenez a.k.a Mary Mussette  09/19/2009

When you are making the right selection on the terms and the issues that comprise and conform your web site, one thing that you have to decide on though they are often dismissed and not care nor considered with the adequate attention are the links for web sites that will be presented and embedded on your web site.  Internet links on your web site will work as a reference source for those web sites that are interesting or that are devoted to additional places and sites.


One of the intentions and the ends for online internet links is to support and round up all the information that is to be presented and displayed on the web site.  Nonetheless, it is important that the selection and choices that you make for links for the web sites will fit accordingly to the general idea that you are planning to have on your web site.  For instance, if you are planning on doing a web site that is devoted to the care of dogs and cats, then it will be a useful thing to have Internet links on web sites that are devoted to the sale of accessories, food, medications and other services devoted to dogs and cats.


Of course, there is a dosage of humor you can use for the links for web sites that you will be placing on your web site or on the pages that you will be enhancing with the contents and the internet links.  Though sometimes when you want to have the best Internet links on your web site you might find yourself faced with the situation that you do not have the sufficient amount of topic related internet links so you might want to use one of the most efficient and notorious search engines.


Among HTML language code there are codes that will allow you to embed links to other pages inside the same web site or to other web sites or pages; nonetheless there is a lot more that you can do with HTML code that will allow you to enhance, embellish and make your links more noticeable.


However, for the neophyte designer, these codes might be too much to grasp correctly and to constantly use; so it might be wiser for you to use only a handful of HTML commands that will allow you to create a bigger variety of links and make them more noticeable.


The first additional command will affect directly on the recipient word or phrase that you are using to receive the actions of the embedding HTML command.  The code is <font size=?> this code will set up the size of the font type that you are using, whether it is arial, new times roman or whichever.


This font size can present itself in numbers ranging from 1 (the biggest) to 7 (the smallest) as well as sometimes it will be ranked by word: “smallest, small, medium, large, largest”


The second code will affect directly on the color of the word or phrase.  The code is <font color=?>; in this case, colors can be set on their HEX value or can be called upon by name “blue, violet, green”.  While naming them is easier it might result on a tone variation while HEX values are more standardized.


There are many web pages that offer you the HEX values for up to 250,000 colors and their consequent tonalities.


Of course, one of the most popular search engines providing internet links is the thunderbird mozilla program.  Though for many thunderbird web links are not accurate and most of the times they do not work properly; still, this is not the vast generality and only reinforces that fact that you need to constantly test and make sure that the Internet links on your web site and in every web page that comprises your site is working adequately.


It is important that you make the right decision when you select the links for web sites that you will be adding and embedding on your web site and in each web page.  The wrong choice can divert and cause the web site to fail in the project and aim that you have for it.   As an example, if you plan to use your web site to encourage the local rescue center for animals both wild and house hold it will be a bad idea to embed on it web sites and online internet links  that are devoted to animal fights, or that will not focus and enhance the caring and protection of both animal wildlife and the protection of household animals.


When you are deciding to embed or to put Internet links on your web site, you will need to decide if you are going to design and determine one single page of the entire web site as an “access to the links” for web sites that you have determined that are pertinent for your web site.


There are two ways to create an internet link, you can use simple text or you can combine the text with graphic work.  The use of mere text to set up the links for web sites that you have selected will be a good choice if you are planning on embedding these links along the text that you will be putting on your web page.  Embedding online internet links  will allow you to make contact and provide a more rounded service on your web site and the aim and goal that you try to get and reach.


Of course, embedding Internet links on your web site can also be done with the use of graphic elements, such as clickable buttons and interactive graphics.  In this particular area there are two alternatives, in the first case, the graphic that will be used is conformed by two different graphics; the first one will be on display as the page is loaded and the second one will appear as the cursor is hovered over it and when it is clicked.


Using such graphic elements is easy once you have learned the tidbits on online internet links  programming and setting up, this knowledge is available for everyone on any of the many web sites that are specifically devoted to the teaching and exploring of web site developing and programming.  The other use of graphic elements are the buttons and banners that are used to enhance and decorate as well as establish the links for web sites that you have selected.


These graphic elements are usually provided by the same web sites that you will be embedding in your own web site or web page.  Of course, if you so choose to use these graphic elements some planning might be required since it will take away space from your planned web site so it might not be a good idea to overload the space of the web page with the graphic elements that conform the Internet links on other web sites and web pages.


Sometimes you will not be able to use the buttons and banners of your favorite or chosen Internet links on your web site or web page, or at least they do not have something that is appealing to you.  In such cases, when you are planning to embed Internet links on your favorite web sites or to those web pages that are adequately related to the content and the idea that you have for your web site, then you might want to consider making your own.


Making your own banners and graphic buttons for web sites and pages is not difficult and it takes the same proceedings that you will have to take with any other graphic images. All you will need to have is plenty of time to surf the internet and acquire the images that you want or modify them with any of the many photo-enhancing programs that are available.

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