Internet Marketing Company California Tap into Alternate Search Engine Data Opportunity

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha


Date: 7.31.12


It may surprise internet marketing company California that even though 62 million U.S searches where performed on the main search engines, there were 33 million additional searches made on alternate search sites.


Most internet marketers have previously focused entirely on traditional search, and could potentially be missing out on the opportunity of tapping into additional data, and connecting in a meaningful way to searchers that are significantly further into the purchase tunnel.  A study by New York search re-targeting firm Magnetic showed that those using alternative search sites are also utilizing longer search time, which shows a much higher quality of experience for users.


Most consumers that are searching with alternative search engines are in the consideration phase.  They are turning to non-search engines like eBay, Wal-Mart, or Amazon.  This is the optimum time to influence brand preference and possibly their buying decision.


Wal-Mart and eBay have been strengthening their internal search.  This could turn out to be a potential threat to Google and a giant opportunity for marketers in internet marketing firm Los Angeles.  Apparently alternate search engines like Wal-Mart, Amazon, and eBay not only own data surrounding what their customers have searched for, but have a purchase history as well.


“The search industry is moving beyond Google domination, and there’s a real value in that for publishers and retailers that recognize the data opportunity.” noted James Green, CEO of Magnetic.  Opportunities for publishers haare opening up thanks to the shifts in the search behavior of consumers.  This adds value to their inventory and for Internet marketing firm Los Angeles marketers to capitalize on search data.


Publishers and retailers have to own their own data to be able to make the most of these new opportunities. For example, one display of seizing the new opportunities is reformatting and restructuring a digital magazine.  The purpose of consumer interactions can vary with the type of format, therefore, by opening the magazine up to different channels, they are allowed to collect, segment, and analyze data.  It also helps them to better gauge intent through PC, tablet, Smartphone, and social interactions.


Retailers have a large amount of data that they can access.  Pulling data from social media has a tremendous amount of value.  Retailers can make logical business decisions information gleaned from social media pages.  Few companies are utilizing this because many of them are unaware that the data exists, or they don’t understand the tremendous value of the datathey are aware of.  Some lack the technology to take advantage of the data.


According to Green, companies that consider their e-commerce store or site as three separate stores can be very helpful.  Think of them as one in your home, one in your office, and one that goes where you do.  Utilzing these options will provide the opportunity to have different items for sale on each, all available to be sold in different ways.  The most sophisticated, imaginative, and well-financed sellers will be able to capitalize on data availability and innovation out of the gate.

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