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Staff writer:  Kichuu Nair

Date:  7/3/2009


All the graphic, color coordination, exact content, and flashy pages on a beautiful webpage will not get you traffic. In simple English, no traffic means no exposure and no exposure means no money. It’s a difficult reality pill to swallow, but there’s still time to reverse the damage. In fact if you have no traffic no one has noticed. No harm done. If your webpage is buried under the other pages and pages stacked on a search engine, it may be time to seek professional help.  There are hundreds of Internet Marketing agencies in California available to help you expose your site online.

For all intended purposes the internet is loaded with information showing you how to build an online business. There are templates you can download for free or even for a small fee to create a webpage. There are tutorials on uploading your site on the World Wide Web.  Major search engines are available to share their free advertising campaigns with you. In fact they’re tripping over themselves to help you, tripping all the way to the bank that is. Imagine that for every webpage that opens on a given search engine, there are ads that take the entire right side of the page. These ads are offered to the advertiser for free. Well, for free until a potential client clicks on the ad, at that time the advertiser pays a fee. It is a small fee to advertise, and honestly tons of small businesses would not have the opportunity to advertise in this magnitude if not for the major search engines that offer it. Now imagine the revenues major search engines are racking in with the endless supply of advertisers.

Search engines are there to help you advertise…. mini, small potatoes….think big! Think like they do, you too want to rake in the money.

I’ll grant you the possibility of creating a webpage, even a nice looking one, on your own. With a little color coordination, a tad of design fundamentals, and the step by step guide available on line, it’s definitely possible to design your own web page. Thousands do it every day. Don’t forget to target your audience, and brand your product or service.

Targeting your audience is an important element during all stages of creating an online business. While designing your web page, think of it as a store on any given street in the real world. In as much as folks searching your product or service online are, at that moment, in a different mindset than they would be while shopping on Main St., they still have the same senses. The same thing that will turn their head out in the real world will turn their head online. Their taste, interest, and needs are the same.

Your web page will set a mood, that mood needs to be attractive to your potential client. Whether you’re selling a product or service your website and your client need to be compatible, your client should feel like he or she is in the right place.

Now you’ve made it through your web designed stage, you’ve targeted your audience and you’ve loaded your page online.

What’s in the name? Everything! An online business has to have a domain name. Don’t be cute, be creative. Through your domain name your site will be exposed, therefore include a clever description of your product or service. Before you fall in love with the name, you need to make sure it’s available. There are a multitude of online sites that can tell you if your name is already being used.

Think you’re done? Think again. You’ve decided on a business, you’ve designed your website, you’ve picked the right name and you’re online…Just to make sure go to your search tab and type in a few key words as if you were a client looking for your product or service.

If your site came up on the first page of the search engine, Congratulations! You’ve made it to the big times. If it didn’t you may need to re-think the do-it-yourself strategy.

If you’re on a budget, your wisest investment may be to work with an SEO. These guys can, single handed take your business and transform it with the use of key words and phrases. This is the only way to be found on the highly congested World Wide Web. SEO’s are experts in field of computer programs that capture the information an internet user keys on the search bar when looking for a particular product or service and then searches for possible websites that may match the words typed. This is the linking process. Without the right words, the link between the internet user and the online business is broken.

SEO’s must have an clear understanding of the computer program and just as important they must be familiar with the internet user. How potential clients may word their search.

Search Engine Optimizers walk a fine line. On the one hand key words and phrases are crucial in the linking or connecting the internet user and the online business. On the other hand they are bound by the search engines rule of protocol. Search engines frown at the use of repetitive wording that routes a potential client to a website that has nothing to offer but trickery.

Search engines have taken the role of parent on the World Wide Web. There has been a sort of etiquette established. It’s understandable if not for the rules that have been established the internet could easily become a free for all. These rules help maintain a sense of respectability.

With all that it entails, starting a respectable, classy, successful online business may require the help of a team collaborating together. An Internet Marketing agency based out of Los Angeles, or a Web Designer on the East coast, or an all inclusive SEO firm may be all you need to set your website apart from the rest.

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