Internet Marketing Los Angeles Starts with Website Design

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 8.6.2012



When Google was first launched, no one really thought it would become such a big internet phenomenon.  And no one realized that it could potentially create business opportunities and jobs for people across the world.  But it has done exactly that for Los Angeles SEO Company.

SEO keeps evolving.  What was once acceptable –spam linking, keyword stuffing –is not going to cut it today with changing search engine algorithms and Google shutting down websites that follow in these unlawful tactics.  But when good SEO is practiced, it can prove to be efficient and a great internet marketing Los Angeles technique.

On-Site Optimization:

As the foundation of any online marketing technique, this is where you need to start your SEO process.  First, take a look at your site structure.  You want to have all of the important pages to be easily accessed by users and search crawlers.  This means having a good navigation set up.  The next step to take is to put relevant keywords in your page titles.  This will make the page more searchable.  Add anchor texts on your internal links to add another way to find your website.  And finally, look at the length and value of your website’s content.  The higher the quality of your site, the higher the rankings will be.

Use Rich Snippet Optimization:

You need to prove to the Internet user that your site offers real value.  You can do this by building trust.  Build trust by making your pages show up higher on the Google search rankings and having rich snippets put on your pages’ search listings.  One way to achieve this is to optimize videos that are embedded on content.   When searching on Google, the results show a display of video snippets for pages that have optimized videos.  By doing so, you benefit by having a larger rate of people clicking through your listings no matter if they are in the top spot or not.

Trustworthy Optimization:

As previously stated, trust is essential.  And it is what will rank you higher on search engine results pages.  To show that your site is trustworthy, you will want to have these characteristics for your site:

  • Clean and modern website design
  • Good grammar, spelling, and sentence structure
  • Show a photograph of the website’s author
  • Use citations to trustworthy sites
  • Use good quality graphics and visuals
  • Show social sharing links such as number of tweets or likes.
  • Have a professional logo

These may seem obvious but by clearly writing out exactly what needs to be done, you can check out what your site is doing already and therefore, see what areas you need to improve on.  The first step of marketing is not to waste time on rankings when your site is nowhere near being good.  Concentrate on perfecting it and ironing out the entire problem.  By accomplishing that, you may even see a change in your rankings already.  Then move on to more of the marketing aspect of things.

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