Internet Marketing Specialists: How to Tell if you Need Them

Staff writer: Kate Kishel

Date: 7.25.2012


It seems like today there are thousands of internet marketing specialists just waiting to make you a millionaire.  They are masters of Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, YouTube, Clickbank, Search Engine Optimization, web design, graphic design, video editing, and photography all in one.  But do you really need to hire a specialist, or is it a project you can do yourself?


Any online business is still just that–a business.  As most business owners know, there are certain things you can do yourself and some it is best to hire others for, to complete tasks that you cannot.


It used to be much more difficult to design a website.  However, things are drastically different these days.  The good news is that the right DIY project is cheaper and easier today than the expense of hiring internet marketing specialists was before.


  1.  You need a unique URL


When contacting clients,  can seem unprofessional.  Purchasing a unique URL takes about 5 minutes on a website like GoDaddy..


2.  You need a website


If you don’t exist on Google, your business may as well not exist as far as the modern consumer is concerned.  For many businesses, a simple website with a few pictures, some info, and a shopping cart that works is fine.  If web coding is not your thing, you can purchase templates on the internet.


Another bonus for non-computer geeks is that you can buy other things, such as the aforementioned shopping cart, as well.  These “add-ons” have user reviews available, and you can pick the one that best suits your needs.  Another trick is to further personalize the site you designed on WordPress by giving it your own URL, which you purchased on GoDaddy.


Many people wonder if they really need their own websites.  In short:  yes.  Your site does not have to be fancy, but it should look professional.  Even if your business is not an online business, websites have become almost like a digital business card or flyer.  If a potential client forgets your contact info, he or she can easily look it up.  If he or she wants some quick questions answered, they can read a short blurb about your business or an FAQ section.


*Be sure to keep your website’s info current.  Nothing is less professional than listing an old address or phone number.


3.  You might need some help


If all of these things sound like too much, a local college student may charge you much less than a marketing specialist would to set up your site, provided that you have all of your text and pictures ready to go.  A student of engineering can be ideal for this undertaking.  The soon to be engineers are typically extremely punctual and won’t attempt to redesign your website or doctor your pictures.


Times have changed.  If you want to start getting your name out there and building a marketing presence on the internet, it is no longer necessary to hire people, or as many of them.  For those already familiar with Marketing 101, putting time and effort into launching an internet marketing campaign might be expensive and superfluous.  A DIY project may be far more easy and affordable.

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