Internet online visitors and the unique visitor access for the health providing programs

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/9/2009

According to the online Wikipedia a health visitor is a UK registered nurse that has further trained to work together with other primary health care professionals as part of a team.  The health visitor’s role is to untrue, support, care for individuals promoting physical, mental, and social well being in their local community through providing support and advice to families of all age groups.  Their work mainly consists of taking over for midwives once they hand over the patient for postpartum care including infant feeding, care, and support to both infant and parent, developmental checks, and the health visitor may be included in child protection issues.  However, they are also support for people suffering from a chronic illness or the disabled.

Health care professionals have now hit the internet.  Although they may not be the Wikipedia definition and may come from any country with qualifications the Internet has advanced to providing the health visitor online with instant access to knowledge and information.  There are numerous sites available online where one can seek answers such as Ask A Nurse or Ask a Doctor, in which a trained professional will respond.  This has done wonders for the people on low budgets, students seeking knowledge, disabled persons as well as the health promoting businesses on the Internet.

Ask a Nurse is one site that a visitor can visit and leave a question for a nurse to answer.  The Internet access for the visitor includes a simple form filling of the visitors contact information and a message area.  Many sites you can also leave messages online and then return to later to read the response.

If you are a health professional or have a health providing Internet business you may chose to include software to your site that would allow the visitor the option of having instant or semi instant responses to questions.  This may include an “ask a question” queue, online chat or a forum posting for questions.

Other software you would want to consider may possibly be a software to calculate the number of visitors online now.  This software will effectively display the number of visitors online at the present time and total online visitors ever.  It is great for measuring effectiveness of campaigns and knowing where your visitors are coming from.  It will also display the number of online unique visitors.  These are first time visitors to your site.  The first time visitors greatly measure your advertising effectiveness.

Blogging is a great way to gain exposure.  It is a form of website advertising.  Blogs can lead to other websites and be the updates for information or a place of announcements, etc.  A blog is a great place to build followers and for your followers to go to for new ideas, information and products.  A health care or health promoting blog if managed properly is a great way to increase your company’s business.

One other productive form of advertising for your business is forums.  There are many health care forums on the Internet.  These are a great place to locate when promoting a business.  Your prospects will be many and interested.  Through forums, you will be able to make contacts, advertise and respond to your advertising at a personal level through postings.  As with the blog, it is important to keep updated in forums.  If you post an advertisement of your company on a forum check back frequently making certain that there are no responses to your posting.

Generating traffic to your site is the most important aspect of Internet marketing and advertising for results in the search engines also referred to as SEO, search engine optimization is the form of advertising which will achieve your ranking is the search engines placing you higher in their results.

A Pay Per Click campaign is a great method of search engine optimization advertising.  Through this form of advertising you will pay only for the hits you receive.  Google AdWords is a great example of a Pay Per Click program.  Through the Google AdWords you will have your website listed in the right of the search engine results when your keywords or keyword phrase are searched.  You will also have your website listed on complimentary sites.

Campaigning is important.  Just as developing a following and customer database is.  Whether it is a first time visitor or an ongoing visitor the necessity to build a trust between patron and business is a must.  You will want to develop campaigns that are useful for your readers or prospects.  This may be including information that your targeted audience would find useful or it may include a well thought out sales pitch.  Whatever avenue you chose provides quality.

The health care promoting businesses have become huge on the Internet.  Every vitamin from hear to Brazil to the Himalayas is on the Internet.  Exercise equipment is huge.  Health insurance is huge.  This is an excellent choice of a business to market.

If you are not already in the health line, you may consider getting your feet wet through affiliate marketing.  This is a great way to introduce yourself to the Internet world and to begin promoting a business of your own.  Although you will be “working” for someone else, you will be building what could one day become a successful empire.  Many affiliate marketers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  Commission Junction is one well know affiliate marketing site.  The nice thing about the Commission Junction affiliate marketing program is that they have training and representatives that will help you to achieve success in your marketing.  There is a university you can attend and for each of your products you chose to promote, you will have a “campaign manager” that will help you make the most of your marketing efforts.  This is a great way for a newbie to begin.

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