Internet radio advertising has the advantage of being able to target its audience by age, location and interests. Listeners generally enjoy the interactive experience while also indulging in their own musical preferences.

Internet radio is has become more and more popular over the years, mainly because of the customizable experience. Users listen to the genre they want to listen to and have the freedom to choose from many different stations, local or national. Unlike normal radio, which gives the user little control over genre, internet radio has more of an array of options.

Music services like Pandora take into account musical genre to predict the likely demographics of its listeners. This is where marketing on internet radio can be so effective, as you can publish your business’ ads only on internet stations that cater to your targeted audience.

Internet Radio Advertising

With this in mind, you may be wondering how to produce an effective radio ad. There are several features an internet radio ad must have in order to make an impact:

  • Production and talent values. These features aren’t so much the things that engage would-be customers, but it does attract the interest of clients who want high production values and voiceover talent in their ads. Actually, the production values don’t have to have a high-gloss finish, but the show must be produced competently, in a way that communicates a strong message.
    • In fact, studies show that radio ad production values that are “too slick” will actually have a negative effect on a listener’s perception; striving for perfection production-wise may distract from your message.
  • Uniqueness. You will likely have trouble coming up with something that people haven’t already heard if you aren’t offering something truly outstanding or unique. If your product or service sounds just like every other that being advertised on the radio, then it’s time to change things up. To make yourself stand out, think about the product’s unique benefits, a creative advertising approach, or a sales offer no one else is offering
  • Use emotion AND logic. Pulling on the heart-strings is great to have people feel for you and your cause, but will the listener’s head be in it. It’s just as important for a listener to think that an option is logically a good idea as well as something they’re emotionally connected to. The best ads appeal to emotion and logic, not just one or the other.
  • Articulate ad copy. Words make all the difference in your internet radio ad (obviously). In fact, it could be one word that creates a make-or-break deal for listeners. Being specific and articulate enough for your audience is critical. Using general language without giving any new insight will turn viewers away from your message.
  • Make it simple. You’ve got a very short period to time to get your brand across. Use your sixty seconds – or however much time you have – to get your point across as concisely as possible. Putting way too much unnecessary information in the reader’s head will only result in a cognitive sensory overload.

Sticky Web Media offers internet radio advertising services that you may choose to geo-target by zip code or city.