Is it Time to Redesign Your Los Angeles Custom Web Design?

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha


If a business thinks that a new Los  Angeles custom web design is needed to improve traffic on a low performing website the content of the site should be looked at first.  Changing the Los Angeles web design while leaving low quality content unchanged to promote traffic is like firing actors to hire new actors to perform a play that is boring.

Fancy looks may hold visitors there for a brief click.  If there is nothing there to keep them on the website, then whatever the website is trying to promote is useless.  A website must hold a visitor’s interest long enough to convey the information and generate more traffic as it is shared out through the internet community.

Visitors times conversion equals success.  There are many techniques that snag visitors and make them stay longer on a site.  An on site search engine optimization, PPC or pay per click marketing, link building, solid content, hard to pass up offers, easy social connectivity, a strong brand, easy accessibility to all peoples, and solid graphic design that can hold visitors long enough to encourage conversion.

Techniques for promoting conversion include a call to action which means giving people a reason to move through the website.  Make a compelling proposition that generates excitement along with gaining their trust instantly.  Easy usability of the site is a must.  If the visitor has difficulty finding information, the site will loose its visitors and thus loose the chance for conversion.  Does the information appeal to the visitor?  Interesting information draws the visitor in to find what they are searching for then promotes what the site needs when visitors share out the link.  Content that is accessible and easy to consume is very important.  If the visitor gets a headache trying to mentally digest the information on the site then the money spent on a redesign is wasted.

Investment in several key elements can produce the results needed whether a firm is located in Los Angeles or Gunbarrel, Texas.  Research where the website shows up when put into a search engine.   Research the audience.  What is the website supposed to convey to the visitor? Get to know their goals and ways to reach them.  Pull the visitor into committing their time using the site. Use the SEO California that include keyword research and guiding content architecture that promote being pulled up on a search engine in the first ten, not the last ten.  Invest in a web design that promotes  the message of the website not detracts from it.  Be sure to give all information and research to the web designer so that they can make the design or redesign work.

So armed with these ideas, take a look at the website.    If the website can meet these and other  criteria discussed, it should generate the volume of traffic that is wanted.  Don’t spend unnecessary monies in the wrong place.  Think about redesign when a website is not pulling its weight in visitor volume and conversion.

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