It’s Okay for a Los Angeles Marketing Firm to be Creative

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha

Date: 7.16.12

Writing copy for ads does play a crucial part in a company’s success.  This is extremely evident in PPC advertising where there is very little time to catch the attention of a possible customer.  Quit dwelling on audience targeting.  Los Angeles marketing firms should write ad copy that makes sense to the customers.  Understanding elements of a successful PPC ad will maximize profitability, increase market share, make more money, and decrease cost per acquisition.

There are five important PPC ad copy elements that a Los Angeles Marketing firm can keep in mind to move a prospect to click on the ad and become a customer.  Perceived value is when a potential visitor is looking for a solution to their pain points.  The customer only cares about solving their problem, not what’s being sold.  They must be convinced that their problem will be solved cheaply or for free.  Emphasize what problem will be solved in the ad copy.  Customers want their problem solved. They want to guard against wasting time and money.

“Risk reversal” becomes an important element of the ad copy.  The customer must be convinced that they aren’t wasting their time by clicking on the ad only to find that nothing there works for them.  Be convincing about the value of the ad and reduce the friction of taking the next step.  By convincing customers the value of clicking on the ad, they will become more relevant visitors.  Use free or low cost entry points as calls to action on PPC ads.  If there is no risk, then why not try it?  This increases clicks and conversions.

Customers want to know if a site is credible.  They want to choose someone that they know and trust.  Branding is an important investment for long term success.  Make the users feel like they know and like the person behind the site.

Have a call to action that is compelling and quick to the point on the ad and landing page.  Prospect visitors do not have a lot of time.  They need quick answers before clicking to a new page.  Ask them to take action right away, but do it professionally.  Don’t be pushy, provide enough value to seal the deal.  “Order Online and Save” is simple and professional.  Make the value proposition clear and simple.  Make the “Buy Now” button stand out and clear to the customer.

Add “qualifiers” when bidding on keywords that are a tad broad.  Some visitors searching will be the target market and others won’t.  If a site is only positioned to take on a small part of the market, they may focus on providing certain services or offers.

Most business owners are afraid to limit their market.  They will exclude the cost of their product or who their ideal customer is which is very bad!  Use language that resonates with the target audience.  This will stop wasting money on clicks that don’t produce while increasing the relevance of the site to the true target audience.  Putting in a qualifier helps to spend less while making more!

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