Keep Your Leads Alive and Understand Your Customers with the Help of Top Marketing Firms Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.15.2012


Top marketing firms Los Angeles know that a sales business simply cannot hold itself up without its team of sales reps. Sales reps are the men and women who keep the ship afloat, so to speak, and bring in new business.

Sales reps may make cold calls, set and attend appointments, or all of the above. Even though a sales business entirely depends on its sales reps, sales reps can sometimes be their own worst enemy, doing things that prevent solid leads from making business with them. A lead that was once interested could turn into a “sorry, not interested” if you’re not careful.

Any Los Angeles Internet marketing company will tell you that one of the most common ways in which sales reps can kill solid sales leads is ignoring business data. Before a scheduled call with a sales lead, it is critical to be aware of all the latest data about that sales lead.

Too many sales reps in California search engine marketing go into a meeting completely clueless about the latest business intelligence. For example, you should know that your sales lead had already invested with a competitor’s brand months before.

When asking your lead questions, probe for issues that are current and pains that you feel confident only you and your brand can heal. Give your lead common sense reasons that they should go to your brand. Also, look beyond the urge to close a deal and focus and bigger picture issues that may be at hand, including your potential lead’s own issues.

Make sure you and your sales lead have similar or matched expectations. Many reps kill their own leads because they don’t realize where in the buying process the prospect is, resulting in mismatched expectations; the rep may believe that the lead is more prepared to buy than what reality dictates.

This may come from the big mistake sales leads make of treating every sales lead the same. Don’t put words into the lead’s mouth, or the lead may surprise you.

Don’t say “I’ve heard you’re in the market for Such And Such” if you aren’t absolutely certain that this is the case. If the lead himself says that he’s the in the market for a new Such And Such, then treat it as an invitation to deliver your pitch to him. Otherwise, you should ease your way into your pitch, using only what you know about your lead’s situation and build a conversation and rapport.

Finally, don’t be too eager to talk about budget. Talking about money too early in a pitch can easily kill a lead dead in its tracks; the lead will feel more pressured when the mention of money pops up too early.

The talk of budget also feels inorganic in what is supposed to be a comfortable sales call. On the other hand, make sure you’re not selling to unqualified leads. With time, you’ll be able to gain some footing and find when the talk of money is most appropriate in a sales call.

By knowing where the pitfalls exist in your pitches, you’ll be able to quickly identify how to find and keep your best sales leads.  Arming yourself with knowledge and intuition, you will quickly find that your leads turn into dollars.

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