Keeping Your Site Visitors Coming! Hire an Experienced Los Angeles Web Design House

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann

Date: 7.23.2012                                                                                           


Ask any website owner what they want above all else and they’ll tell you in one important word: traffic!   But in a medium where time is of the essence and attention spans are short, what are some of the best ways to keep your site’s visitors interested and coming back for more?


Of course, content is king.  But because the initial reaction to a website is primarily a visually-based one, the look and style of your site are equally as important as its text.  If you want an aesthetically pleasing site but creativity isn’t your strong suit, you’ll need to find a talented website designer to get you up to speed.


But what makes a site appealing, anyway?  According to a well-known Los Angeles web design house, there are several components that come into play.


First, make sure that the overall color scheme is attractive.  Nothing is more distracting than overly-aggressive graphics, particularly on something like a blog.  Also, harsh background colors make web text virtually impossible to read.  Keep it simple, and keep it readable.


Next, make sure that the user experience is positive.  Information needs to be readily accessible, and presented in a way that is easily extracted.  Translation: your site should be neat and organized, and your pages should load without delay.


Ever think about fonts?  Well, you should.   Our Los Angeles website design specialist advises that you choose a font that is clear and available on all computers, regardless of software or platforms.  Don’t forget – not all computers have the same display capabilities.  Your whimsical font choice might prevent a visitor’s access to your site!


Remember when we said that content is king?  Well, that still holds true, but you have to organize your content into accessible increments.  Without enough white space, a visitor could get frustrated or tired and jump to the next relevant site.  Break up your information and keep clutter at bay.


If you’re using headers (and what website doesn’t?), make sure you differentiate them from the text.  The easiest method is to simply display them in bold.  That way, they’re easy to identify, read and understand.  Depending on your font, you can even explore underlining them, but usually a minor font size increase is sufficient.


Images are a great addition to a site when they’re on point, and they certainly attract attention.  But choose them wisely, and for optimal results, place the most important one in the top left hand corner of your site.  This follows our natural left to right reading progression, so by placing it there, it less likely to be overlooked.


Last, don’t forget to proofread!  Nothing makes a worse impression than typos in your website copy.  Mistakes in spelling or grammar can render even the most informed website a disaster zone. Devote the time needed to ensure that all copy is correct.


So take it from the professionals: keep this checklist handy so that your site hits all the right notes for high and consistent traffic!

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