Keywords versus Content in Search Engine Optimization California

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.4.2012



There are always those sticky situations where you do not know which item ranks or takes great precedence than the other.  It is a “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” kind of conundrum.  It makes sense for the chicken to be top priority but it also makes sense for the egg to have come first.  These types of chicken and egg situations can stump those who cannot figure out which to put first in order of importance.  In technology and websites, the chicken and egg become keywords and content.


Keywords versus content is a concept most struggle with when it comes to SEO, or search engine optimization.  It is the keywords that create the links to other pages but it is also the content that determines how it is ranked on search engines like Google.  This is when it becomes a chicken versus egg situation.  You want to put out the best content you can because that makes you look good on Google but you need a good amount of keywords to get noticed.  This is where it gets tricky to find that balance.  Many sites have a lot of keywords but not good content while others have the content but not the keywords.  It is a constant battle in the search engine optimization world.


So how can you sort out this mess and create a good balance of both?  It starts with having a good topic and keeping the content focused on that specific topic type.  Rather than starting out with keywords, writers should be given the topic.  If the writers are focused completely on the topic, keywords will naturally come out of the written work.  In this way, you have come to balance the keyword versus content power scale.


There are a lot of excellent SEO CA firms who have mastered this balance between keywords and content.  All you have to do is find and hire an adequate SEO CAfirm and worrying about content and keywords becomes a thing of the past.  Search engine optimization Californiacompanies know the drill when it comes to hiring quality writers who have the ability to incorporate keywords in to a relevant content article.  By using one of these companies’ services, you are employing a company that is sure to get you top notch Los Angeles search marketing treatment.  Your website’s rankings are sure to improve dramatically.


By having this sense of balance between the amounts of keywords the article has and the quality of its content, you ensure that you will get many readers and also make search engines, such as Google, happy.  It can be a tricky and slippery slope to travel which is why it would be in your best interest to hire professionals who have worked through this problem before.  A company such as these has the experience to make search engine optimization California worth your time.  While they cannot solve the chicken and the egg riddle, SEO companies can fix the balance of the content versus keyword problem.

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