Know about Anchor Alt Text and Anchor Links Word.

To be a successful and effective SEO consultant, it is imperative to have a good Anchor Alt Text which can be apprised by continuous testing of the different indices to dictate their relevancy. The variables that dictate search engine ranking are totally diverse and to ascertain which factor works best for high ranking, it is mandatory to go for continuous checking. Specific testing is valuable because :

01)      Search engine algorithms are constantly being updated so it is difficult to determine which factor works best.

02)      Without pinpointing the main factor, one can only proceed blindly.

03)      Testing also adds to the knowledge base of clients.

04)      Lot of myths exists and testing eliminates these misconceptions.


Numerous debatable topics exist on Anchor Text like whether “no follow” counts and whether Google gives due preference to different text links pointing to same URL. Research studies are being conducted on topics like :

01)      Whether Google only counts the first Anchor Text.

02)      Whether Google does not count “no follow” Anchor Text.


The results of the study verified that Google does not count “no follow” Anchor Text pointing to a URL of a website. It also withheld the theory that Google was only counting the first instance of Anchor Text it observed on a page. However, it does not suggest that web owners are restricted from using more than one link to an individual’s URL per page. It has been proven that multiple links to the same URL are beneficial for usability and relevancy. This also emphasizes that if the website owner uses more links on a page to the same URL, the owner should use the target Anchor Text in the first instance.


Search engine optimization is an ongoing process which implies that SEOs continuously update their websites to correspond with new techniques and changes in the optimization processes. Using keyword rich Anchor Text that describes the next web page and contains relevant keywords helps in better ranking of the next page. Including Alt Text (Tags) in the web pages, especially when images are attached, is believed to be highly beneficial. This is based on the fact that search engines can not “see” pictures but depend on Alt Tags to inform them about the images being shown. Some search engines emphasize on heading tags especially on the words contained in the heading tags as these, too, help search engines in creating an outline of the web page. Search engines assume that level-1 heading tag is of paramount importance in comparison to level-2.


Accordingly, heading tags should be placed in an orderly manner and should be inserted at key points of the document. Programs that condense HTML documents in the form of table of contents and text browsers all make use of document headings. Using correct file names also helps as search engines counts the words in file names both in the documents and images for keyword density. To be comprehended by search engines, the word in Anchor links must be separated by dash ( – ) and not an underscore ( _ ). An example of a good file name is “optimization–tips.html” and not “optimization_tips.html”.

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