Know about the Latest Search Engine Traffic Share Statistics.

Various research studies conducted by reputed search providers has revealed the increasing popularity of Microsoft’s Bing by the U.S. users. Over 22% of queries from the U.S. has ensured that this search engine is the fastest growing major search provider and accounts for 10.7% of all U.S. searches. In comparison, the market leader Google managed a growth of 2.6% but even now continues its dominance with 65% of the searches world wide. Yahoo, in the meantime, saw its volume of searches drop by 4.2% yet continues to retain the second position in context of overall share which is in the region of 16%. AOL experienced a growth rate of 2.9% which covered a mere 3% share of the total searches. The other search providers such as, MyWeb and others share a negligible portion of on-line traffic share.


Search engine traffic share measures the search behavior of millions of World Wide Web users. These surfers have real time meters on their computers that are used to monitor the sites they visit. The monitored information is compiled in statistical data to produce the search engine traffic share. The graphical representation of data reveals the percentage of on-line searches on particular search engine. However, the internal site searches, which are used to find material within a particular website, are not taken into account in the total aggregate. Normally the evaluation is based on more than sixty search sites that assess the total search volume on which the percentages are based.


The figures are generally search specific and not web specific. They are inclusive of local searches, image searches, news searches, shopping and other types of vertical search activities. As companies own multiple websites, searches that are conducted at different sites are combined to arrive at one overall figure for the companies’ entire network. Google displays search results at any of the Google branded websites like Google Images or while Yahoo similarly reveals the searches only on Yahoo branded websites. Incidentally, it does not include searches of Yahoo owned sites of AltaVista, Overture and others. Any site which is not listed in the chart has a share that is less than 2.5% of the total traffic share.


The share of individual search engine traffic indicates dramatic changes with Google showing positive growth. It has over 50% of total traffic share followed by Yahoo which also depicts a rising trend in total share. MSN and AOL, however, shows a declining a trend while displays a slightly better trend. Google reigns supreme and this trend is verified by the strong 4th Quarter results of 2009. Google continues its dominance in search advertising on the Internet in spite of Bing steadily gaining in search query since its launch. It does not seem to capture the interest of advertisers. Similarly, Yahoo also depicts a declining trend in advertising revenue.


Certain search terms reveal continued growth and is associated with social media websites. The top ten search terms reveal the dominance of IT, Automotive manufacturers, movies, Net communities and social media sites in the search scenario. The data has been collected by monitoring 25 million Internet users and their interaction with over a million websites across more than 160 industry categories.

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