Know What to Look for in SEO Techniques Before Requesting Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.14.2012



Most online businesses start out the same way when doing their search engine optimization promotion via social media sites.  They only post links to their own products.  While a few here and there is fine, if that’s all you do, your account won’t be well received by the community.  It’s considered “spammy,” you even run a risk of being labeled a “bot,” and you run a risk of being removed from the social media site.



To avoid this, you should instead gear the posts to be interesting.  Post content that will spark a debate between people and/or teach about a product.



Social media sites are just that, social.  They are about connecting and bringing people together.  Some things to offer to those who follow your social media accounts are discounts, contests with prizes, videos of how-to’s, and interviews of important people in your industry.   It’s also very easy to ask and receive feedback on your products or site with a social media account.  Keep that in mind while you are planning out your over-all marketing plan for your social media account.



Social media marketing is the next logical step after getting all of your traditional on-age SEO work perfected.  It is a great way to build up a brand, online presence, and links.



Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are the main social media sites.  Each one has their own type of community.  While Twitter is more fast paced and small blurbs of information, Google+ is more technical and new to the social media world.  Facebook is a good start if you can’t quite get the hang of Twitter.  There you can set up a forum for your “Fans” to talk amongst themselves, post pictures of them using your product, reviews, and ask questions.



If you don’t have time or any idea how to run your social media accounts, look for a consultant that offers social media marketing in their search engine optimization pricing.  They may not run your sites for you but they can plan out a marketing strategy and give you a generalized list of what your posts should consist of.   Some consultants might suggest hiring a copywriter to do interviews and write your content for you.



The purpose of social media marketing is to share something so much more than just your products and service.  It’s about being creative and sharing with your target audience what will spark their interest.  If you can do that, then your audience will help spread your website like wild fire.  Social media marketing is a lot of hard work and perseverance.  It is a process that is filled with trial and error.



It’s a tool that your website will greatly benefit from when done correctly.  It’s also an aspect of marketing that you can do as little or as much as you want, especially if you are starting out and learning how to do things as you go.  As overwhelming as it seems first glance, it’s quite simple once you get into the “groove” of things.


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