Leads Top Search Engine Optimization Specialists Use

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.12.2012

There are many different content marketing funnels that are used in top search engine optimization agencies.  All of them do the same thing; make sure your marketing leads to sales.

This is just one simple three-step model.  You’ll need to be able to answer the questions search engine optimization specialists ask, to help ensure a successful funnel: what results do you want to achieve, what obstacles must be over come to ensure the goals are met, and how can you educate while providing valuable content to your prospects.

The overall result that you want to achieve will help mold your funnel.  Do you want to sell more of a particular product or increase sales overall?  Obstacles will stand in your way, it’s inevitable.  Creating a funnel that works around the obstacles needs to answer these: what stops people from buying? Is it the cost vs. quality?  Is it need vs. want? Once you answer them, you can then find ways to overcome and convince buyers to buy.

Educating customers is a great way to gain sales.  Being helpful is always a definite plus.  You are providing information they both want and need while getting the sale.  When all those questions are answered, it’s time to implement the plan.

Write an article that talks about your product, talk about what makes it stand out amongst the competition and compare it side by side with one of its competitors.  Don’t just write a shallow article full of fluff, educate potential clients on why your company is better and how it’s in their best interest to purchase from you.  In the About the Author section of your article, post a link to your next step in the marketing funnel and/or a product link if that suits your needs more.

Step two is implemented when visitors are on your site.  Try having a downloadable pamphlet or report which will go into more detail about the product and how it’s beneficial.  When you create these articles be sure to keep in mind the reader.  You want to write to the reader and not just focus on the product or service itself.  At the end of the downloadable content be sure to encourage asking for additional information.  Not all potential customers will be sold with what you’ve already given.


You can use e-books, DVDs, CDs, or other means to give in-depth information about your product or service.  In this step you will want to be sure to focus on the end result, sales, while restating the information you have provided in both step 1 and 2.  Try including coupon codes, free upgraded shipping, and other goodies that might not be provided by other competitors to ensure a sale.



Not every customer operates the same way.  You have impulsive buyers, who will buy without a second thought and you have those who take a little more convincing.  Setting up a well-rounded marketing funnel is essential to maximizing sales and satisfying every type of customer.


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