Learn about Hand Submission and its Utilization in SEO.

When attempts are being made to optimize a website to rank higher in reputed search engines, utilizing the SEO friendly directories is one of the best and proven ways. It highlights the business activities that result in increased traffic as well as better awareness of the site. Manual directory submission is a safe and effective option when it comes to attaining higher ranking in search engines. The term “manual directory submission” means that the website would be manually submitted to various directory sites which are held in high esteem by search engines. This type of SEO manual submission helps to boost the organizational website which in turn results in attaining better ranking. This not only increases the popularity of the website but also enhances the valuable clientele of the business house.


Using the method of “hand submission” increases the number of web visitors to a site and promotes the business. This is a good way since one can eliminate reciprocal link building strategies and concentrate on one way link building. This strategy often results in a phenomenal rise of on-line traffic to the website. Search engines also value one-way linking and assign the website a higher search engine ranking. In this manner the site scores over its rival competitive sites. However to comply with SEO guidelines, the websites need to follow certain parameters when it comes to “hand submission”.  Through manual submission in directories, back links are obtained. The directory posts the website links in every corner of the Internet thereby enhancing the awareness of the website.


As Internet users search for topics related to their query, the browsers select topic-wise searches and look in the listings of the directories for identifying a particular site quickly. This method results in greater amount of quality traffic to the site and, from SEO point of view, this practice is highly beneficial. As “hand submission” is managed by human directors, they manually evaluate the various indices before placing the website in a particular category. This system of human editors, evaluating and assessing the website before it is viewed by web users, lends an aura of credibility to the website. Great value is attached to such websites which are manually submitted to directories.


The websites get unlimited highly targeted one-way links speedily that enhances their search  engine ranking as well as dramatically increases free traffic by feeding the web content to over hundred thousand blogs on-line. The directory can mass distribute the content to the relevant websites. This method effectively provides the platform where the web content can be off-loaded across the online services.  The basic strategy behind enhancement of web traffic depends on hand submission of websites in reputed directories.  This develops targeted traffic and results in the website exposure and boosts search engine ranking. The exponentially expanding network allows websites to post relevant theme content ensuring success for that particular website’s products or services launched by the Internet marketer. The distribution network acts as a personal content distribution channel and. guarantee enhanced brand presence.

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