Learn about Keyword Research Tools for SEO.

Keyword research is the initial stage in search engine optimization and if this tool is not applied properly, then all efforts towards attaining better ranking and subsequent increase in web traffic may not materialize. Initially, the keywords in a website are researched extensively. This is followed by brainstorming for more appropriate search terms that a potential web visitor might use when searching for a specific product or service. If a web owner uses the most compelling keywords, SEO yields far better results as they would be optimizing the best and most researched keywords for the owners’ website.


A keyword survey of the previous website is normally performed to gain an insight on the most popular keywords being used in major search engines. This also reveals those keywords that draw-in most traffic and produce a higher conversion rate. Such type of keyword research definitely expands the data base of keyword phrases. While conducting keyword research one has to consider Relevancy, Search volume and Competition. While relevancy reveals whether the keyword is really relevant in context of website content, search volume shows the popularity of a particular keyword and the number of people searching with the same keyword. Competition signifies the competitiveness of keywords and phrases used in a website. Keyword research is the important primary phase of SEO and for web owners it is best to be updated with the latest technological inputs of search engines.


There are free and paid Keyword research tools which assist in locating keywords that target customers and also reveals their competitiveness. The SEO Tool Bar adds more than a dozen keywords in a client’s browser which enables them to choose their favorite and relevant keywords. The SEO keyword suggestion tool is powered by Word Trackers’ API which explores various keywords. This tool also provides daily search volumes by Internet market for Google, Yahoo and MSN. These link the search volumes with the global search results. The tool points out the necessary bid for one rank to attain 85% queries and roughly estimates the volume of expected traffic. It links to various vertical database and reveals whether site topic has created a buzz within the web visitors.


The Competitive Research Tool locates keywords which get the most search volume and indicate whether the web owner should target for these keywords. Aarom Wall offers free Google Adwords and Yahoo search marketing tips as well as lists various keyword research tools. Similarly, Dan Thies, SEO Research Lab, offers professional keyword research series and keyword research video. Incidentally, it has to be noted that keyword research tools can only provide helpful information and estimates. The web owner should not expect precise quantitative analysis from search keyword tools, rather the tools should be used for qualitative and relative analysis.


Exact search volumes are extremely difficult to identify owing to click bots, rank checkers and other forms of automated traffic. Exceptionally valuable search terms may reveal far greater volume than they actually display due to differential commercial forces. They inflate search volumes as these are dependent on automated search traffic. It is, however, believed that Word Tracker features basic as well deeper keyword research data.

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