Learn about Search Engine Market Share.

Search engines optimize a client’s on-line business with their comprehensive real time traffic statistics. It enables the site owners to be aware of their visitors and learn about their behavioral traits, analyze the traffic pattern, maximize the ROI (Return on Investment) and assists in getting e-mail notification regarding important events in order to build a company’s brand image. The real time reporting provides information on the number of visitors to a website, their navigability in a particular website, whether they can be converted into buyers and the effectiveness of advertisement on the site.


Search engine report shows that 87% of total market share is dominated by Google Global followed by Yahoo Global (6.16%). For Google this rising trend represents a slight gain while Yahooo Bing and Ask.com shows a declining trend. The data is based on 10 million Internet users. The “success rate” is defined as the percentage of executed searches that result in a visit to the site other than the main search domain. But often the “success rate” is influenced by the complexity of the search. Traditionally, the major search engines have a more simple navigational and brand related queries in their top searches which are easier to resolve. Optimization techniques are basically attuned to the predominant search engines in the market. The search engines market share varies between different market zones and is related to competition. It is a well known fact that Google dominates the market searches. It is also evident that outside the U.S., Google share is often larger and even today it remains a predominant search engine world wide.


Google enjoys over 80% of market share in Germany while in the U.K. it is close to 90%. In some of the few large markets Google is not the leading search engine. In most of these areas where it is not leading the market, it follows a local player. This trend is noticeable in China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Czech Republic where Baido, Yahoo, Naver, Yandex and Seznan are more dominating market leaders. A successful Internet market may drive traffic to a web page and this involves paid advertising on search engines and other pages. This helps to build high quality web pages as well as addresses the technical issues. Search analytics analyzes the total search engine statistics for effective search engine marketing. It also helps the website owners to understand and improve their site’s performance on search engines.


The search analytics data is collected by various methods and services like Google Insights. Third party services collect their data from ISP, Home Software or from scraping the various search engines. Obtaining traffic statistics from ISPs and phones provide the foundation for broader reporting of web traffic along with their search trends. As the search results, especially advertisements, depend on the location from where the search is conducted, data collection methods have to be taken into consideration along with the geographic location. The keyword monitors perform their task easily since they are aware of the location of their clients who are being targeted. The search engine market share accuracy depends on data collection method, data freshness and timeliness.

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