Learn about the Benefits of HTML Site Maps in SEO.

Normally a website functions at its best on effective search engine marketing which is termed as SEO. It is, therefore, vital for the website owners to incorporate all the basic SEO techniques in the website. This enhances the search engine ranking. In this connection, it is important to gauge and understand the significance of HTML site maps in websites. The site owners have to be sure that the links of the website are distributed in a proper manner. This feature is prominent in HTML site maps which are actually the landing page of a website where various other pages with links in the website are displayed. The HTML site map guarantees the objective of getting more benefits and profits through search engine optimization. Such site maps would prove highly beneficial for the site owners who are interested in boosting the SEO of a website. HTML site maps are developed by experienced professionals who are source of knowledge and normally inform the site owners about the differences between XML and HTML site maps.


The XML site maps are not very popular. They are basically designed to solve the indexing problems and over ride the SEO issues. For all site maps, it is imperative to install the HTML versions to allow visitors ease of navigation through the pages. It also helps in identifying the number of web traffic to a specific website. However, the biggest advantage of HTML site maps is that it ensures an effective and efficient link distribution within a specific website.  In such cases it is really important that all the pages of a website are linked to each other and to a HTML sitemap that is located on the landing page of a SEO website. This proves that an effectively prepared HTML site map can really do wonders for search engine optimization. It also allows the site to develop external back links that automatically helps in retaining link popularity and thereby facilitates the SEO process.


HTML site map enhances the exposure of a website and would guarantee the site achieving the first ten ranks in Google search results. By submitting a HTML site map, it is a good way of informing search engines about the website’s existence and the type of content it is offering to the Internet. Such site maps provide useful directory of all the pages of the site and can be created by the site map generator tool. Any HTML site map is a single HTML page containing links to all pages of a website. With the help of a well developed HTML site map, website visitors would not be diverted to other sites as they can easily locate the pages they were searching for. This is usually a common problem with larger sites where the HTML site map is missing. From the SEO perspective, when search engine robots crawl the site for indexing pages, it is easier for them to locate web pages through the site map. This practice becomes difficult when undertaking a general navigation of the site without the presence of HTML site map.

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