Learn about the Quick Tips for Increasing Alexa Rank

Alexa is a website which provides information on the inflow of web traffic to a site. Alexa rank is measured according to the number of visitors who visited a site after installation of Alexa toolbar. Alexa rank is a system that bases its ranking index on the level of traffic a website receives from the number of persons visiting that particular site. A collection of methods is used to boost Alexa rank. These suggestions are derived from Webmasters who have achieved positive results after following the guidelines. Basically, all web clients need to focus on developing quality content to help in attracting and maintaining a large audience. Simultaneously, link worthy content should also be emphasized upon to increase the site’s traffic and Alexa rank.


The following tips are :

01)      Installation of Alexa toolbar – This tool along with Firefox search status extension sets up a web client content or blog on home page. This is the primary step.

02)      Installation of Alexa rank widget on the website – This method works wonders as it ensures a fair number of clicks per day. Each click indicates a visit irrespective of the fact that the toolbar has not been used by the web visitor.

03)      Friends and community members should be encouraged to use the toolbar. It can also include fellow Webmasters, site visitors and blog readers.

04)      Web users who are working in office or own a company should install Alexa toolbar or Firefox extension on their computers so that the website home page is visible for all browsers. This method works best when dynamic or different IP is used.

05)      Friends should be asked to review and rate the Alexa website profile.

06)      Writing articles or blogs about Alexa helps as Webmasters and bloggers love to hear about the strategies that help to increase Alexa rank. They not only link to that particular site but also send targeted traffic. This gradually affects the Alexa ranking.

07)      Flaunting the URL in Webmaster forums helps as Webmaster usually have a toolbar installed. This brings Webmasters to the sites who offer valuable feedback.

08)      Writing content that is related to Webmasters is beneficial since they fall in the category of domain and SEO. These are the two most prominent fields in which most Webmasters have their Alexa toolbar installed. Promoting the content on social network websites and Webmaster forums enhances Alexa ranking.

09)      Using Alexa redirects on the website URL helps in enhancing Alexa rank.

10)      Posting in Asian social networking websites and forums is advised as East Asian web users are big Alexa toolbar fans.

11)      Creating Webmaster tool section on the website acts a magnet for Webmasters who revisit the site to gain access to such tools.

12)      Using pay-per-click campaigns for buying advertisement on Google helps to bring in traffic and becomes more profitable when it is considered highly relevant by Webmasters.

13)      Creating Alexa category or any blog which contains articles or news about Alexa. This acts as an easily accessible resource for Webmasters and web visitors ultimately helping in better ranking in search engines.

14)      Optimizing the popular posts which consistently receive traffic from search engines.

15)      Buying banners and links from Webmaster forums and websites drives traffic to the website.


Following the above guidelines significantly boosts Alexa ranking of any website.

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