Learn about the Techniques of Submitting a Website to Search Engines

The site owner can invite the search engine bots to “crawl” the site but prior to placing the invitation the site has to be submitted to search engines. The site owner should visit the search engines they feel would be important for their sites and accordingly type “add URL to name of the search engine”. After following the link, the necessary data can be entered that allows the submission of the website to search engines. It has to be noted that search engines do not expect the site owner to submit all the web pages, only the home page should be submitted. An instance being suppose the search engine is Yahoo! the site owner can type in “add URL to Yahoo!” where the necessary link can be followed to the search results page. This permits the website to be submitted free-of-cost.


The objective of any search engine is to discover and index the entire content available on the web. The Yahoo! search index which contains over a billion web pages offers 99% free “crawling” to websites. The search engines also provide numerous facilities to content providers for submitting web pages and content directly to Yahoo search index and Yahoo directory. Most site owners can avail of the opportunity of submitting their sites for free. For the URL submitted or acquired from the Feed, the search engine ”crawler” is capable of extracting links to locate the pages.


The whole process of submission of sites to search engines can be completed within minutes and it lies on the discretion of site owners to submit the site to all search engines they think are important. Immediately, the search engine “spiders” would visit the site to have a look at it. The most important search engines that are given priority by site owners are Google.com, Yahoo.com and Bing.com. In case the site owner is interested in tapping the vast resources of any particular country, then it is advisable to submit their regional versions. If there are specialized local search engines in the prevailing country like Yandex in Russia or Seznam in Czech Republic, the site owner can also submit their websites to such search engines.


Though the time involved in submitting the site to these search engines may not be time consuming but for search engine “crawlers” to visit the sites the time span may exceed 6 weeks. If the search engine “spider” appreciates the web content of the site and visits it often and if that particular page is linked to the owner’s site then the Google “crawler” would be happy to follow the link and “crawl” the site owner’s website.  In order to be noticed by search engines, it is advisable to get a link from a respected web page having a good page rank.


It has also been noticed that search engines can not “crawl” a site when the text is too tough for the “spiders” to read and the site is not search engine friendly. Under such circumstances, the search engine may be unaware of the site as the “spider” finds “crawling” through it inconvenient. This problem can, however, be overcome by optimizing the site following SEO guidelines.

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