Learn how Article Submission Acts as a Marketing Tool in Search Engine.

Article writing and submission is one of the single most effective traffic generation tools that allow the on-line marketer to increase free search engine traffic faster. The websites get unlimited highly targeted one-way links speedily that enhances their search engine ranking as well as dramatically increases free traffic by feeding the web content to over hundred thousand blogs on-line. Such niche websites use competitive keywords that account for more traffic. It also helps in developing quality one-way links. Article marketing consists of submitting articles to directories which assist in building back links. This new concept takes article marketing to a new level and is a much more powerful tool than any other article marketing or traffic generation service.


This method effectively provides the platform where the web content can be off-loaded across the online services. Having the content picked up from these niche article writing sites is one of the major reasons why almost all Internet users search for articles in directories like E-zine articles and others in the Net to help build authority sites and one-way back links faster. They introduce the topic related to the website and pick up relevant content from these directories, post the content in blogs and ultimately develop back links and traffic. As thousands of articles are being submitted daily this often results in clogging the directories with similar content. The basic strategy behind article marketing and subsequent enhancement of web traffic depends on writing articles and their submission in reputed directories.


When the relevant content gets selected, the owners post the content onto blogs and insert a back link pointing to the site. This develops referred traffic from those sites and also creates new one-way free back links. This results in the website exposure and boosts search engine ranking. For more free traffic to a website, one need to have total control of the site one posts the blog. Writing content and submitting to the massive network of niche sites ensures overwhelming increase in free traffic which is appreciated by Internet marketers. Posting the content onto great high quality blogs that needs relevant and compelling content on specific and related niche topics is the appropriate way of increasing free search engine traffic as well as attaining several high ranking one-way back links. This also helps in building unlimited number of constantly growing content sites whenever writers submit articles in voluminous and reputed directories.


This exponentially expanding network of sites allows the writer to post relevant theme content ensuring success for that particular website’s products or services launched by the Internet marketer. The distribution network acts as a personal content distribution channel. The directory can mass distribute the content to the relevant websites and, from SEO standpoint, article writing as marketing tool can not be any more search engine friendly than this. The sites to which article content is off-loaded are filtered and Google friendly as it is 100% “white hat”, guaranteed to provide results that ensures enhanced brand presence.

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