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Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 25


Building a series of steps and strategies when building links is a vital part of success in developing expert SEO services. But while anyone can memorize a few steps and tools, the skillful and sometimes tricky part to navigate is when to use which skill, and where? The following is a tip of useful tools that you can put to practice when building links. These are particularly helpful in the realms of guest posting, BLB, and the ever-challenging-to-coordinate group interview.


Tools to Unlock Opportunity with Majestic Site Explorer


Over its time on the virtual market, Majestic has come to be regarded as a vital tool for link building. This particular platform boasts results that are new and up-to-the minute. So rapidly updated are the results, that it’s possible to discover new links through broken link building that is featured on completely unrelated pages from your initial search. Here’s how to implement this tool:



Bulk Backlink Checker: After stumbling upon a batch of poorly done links and the like, wrangle them all up and hand them over to the checker for bulk links. Set the checker to filter out results based on the domains of their links and you will be provided with an exhaustive list of sites and pages that have gone dead, organized by the number of inbound domains that link up to them. From there, you can go about fixing up the problematic links.


Find Links to Dead Pages: When mastering reports is impossible due to time or effort constraints, backlinks can pile up, broken, but are actually full of potential. Rolling all of your backlinks from one specific domain is a good place to start. Usually, there will be groups of thousands of unique domains. From those thousands, only about a fifth are still functional. Utilize this information to discover links that can be improved.



Find Links Pages for Dead Site Discovery: Begins your search with a .gov domain that is somehow related to your task at hand—a simple conceptual tie-in will suffice. Proceed by downloading linkers to the home page of this site. Next, take a look at the URL strings for links and available resources. This step allows you to find links that are connected by topic to your original query. From this, you can find even more links to rehabilitate.



New Link Reporting: When rehabilitating broken links, it can be easy to misplace your progress within the vast reaches of cyberspace. Searches get redirected and results can go haywire due to crossed lines and simple misplacement. Majestic, the tool in question, is refreshed so often that new links will crop up even on pages you weren’t particularly searching for. Think of these links as “bonus links” and rebuild them according to the tips above.



By utilizing these five steps, you can use Majestic to offer expert SEO services with clear and concise tools at your disposal. This way, you can reclaim the unfinished and broken links out in cyberspace and make good use of them.

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