Learning the Lingo of Advertising agencies Los Angeles CA

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha

Date: 7.22.12

  Educators in advertising Los Angeles CA are having more and more experiences of feeling ‘out of sync’ with the students that they teach.  More often are they experiencing the silence and blank look when they give a reference that relates to a certain time frame that their students just don’t get.  So how to keep from boring or confusing students?  Try to demonstrate why they need to know information seems to be outdated or unimportant. 


Most of the great ad campaigns by advertising agencies Los Angeles CA have happened before their time.   Connecting them with past ad campaigns can be done by having students plan an ad campaign for a target audience of an older age group.  Older consumers are what students will sell to in the real world.  Rarely will they have the luxury now of working with the Gen Y target consumers.  Students today recognize the importance of the word “job”.  Try teaching the strategies of winning ad campaigns to instill the basics of successful advertising.


There should never be the expectation that students should conform to everything that the older educator has experienced.  Educators need to make the effort to understand their students.  Educators need to know where their students are coming from and what is important to them.  Students are the next generation of marketing and advertising professionals.  Educators need to realize that students can ‘bring something to the table’ and be able to meet them half way to keep them actively engaged.  The worst thing a teacher can do is to constantly chastise their students for their generation.  All generations have done things that previous generations thought were horrible.  Everyone has survived.


Learn from the younger generations; let them keep educators up to date and in the loop.  Try to build that connection that is so crucial in keeping students engaged and actively learning.  Realize that all students do not learn the same way and make accommodations for those different learning techniques.  Educators in advertising are actually in an advisory position.  Respect students so that they will show respect. 


As an adviser, it is their job to pose questions and to keep students on track.  Make sure they support decisions with solid research, yet allow them to think out of the box.  Don’t hold on to the class so much that students get discouraged, disillusioned and give up.  Use teachable moments to explain why a certain strategy might not work.  This generation of students is not afraid to ask.  They are not afraid to ask professors or to talk to them.

Take risks along with them.  What may seem too risky or could possibly flop, may turn out better than expected.  Allow them to shine with new, innovative views and projects.  If students are confined to certain rules and strategies, then they will be ill equipped for an ever changing, fast paced profession in the advertising world.  Let them learn from mistakes and encourage them to take knowledge away from those mistakes and build from there.

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