Learning the Power of the Search Engines with Optimization, Promotion, Marketing and Submit

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Anyone who has used the Internet has used the search engines.  It is not possible to get from one place to another on the Internet without the search engines.  It is like the road map to the Internet world.  Everything you want to see and everywhere you want to go must be done through the road of the search engine.  It is the major highway that will lead you wherever you want to go.


Search engines are the most important marketing tool a marketer has.  Everything in their advertising campaigns revolves around building their rankings in the search engines.  Higher rankings mean more visitors and more sales.  Through advertising you will concentrate on getting your search engine positioning at the highest achievable level.  The first page should preferably be in the number one or number two positions.  This will be ideal; however it will take work and dedication in order to achieve this.


The first thing you will want to concentrate on is SEO or search engine optimization.  This basically means to accomplish high positioning in the search engines, thus putting your website at the world’s fingertips.  Every time someone uses the Internet, they enter a search keyword, keywords, or keyword phrase in their search engine browser.  For example, if they are looking for diet food, and your keywords are diet food, then your website would come up somewhere in the search engine results.  In order to get ahead of your competition in the search engine results you must have more “votes” or visitors to your site.  This is how they position the sites that compete against one another.  So, always you are focusing on volume for traffic to your site.


To learn search engine optimization will take some studying.  Not all great things happen overnight and this is no different.  With a thorough background one can accomplish success much quicker than just jumping in.  There is definitely a map to this Internet and in marketing it is no different.  There are many free training courses that you can complete via the Internet and there are “universities” on Internet marketing that you can pay for to learn the ropes.  Both will give you the background and understanding that to begin marketing.  Although the free programs may not be as extensive, they will give you background on Internet marketing.


Many marketers start out with absolutely no understanding to the Internet.  I was one.  I had no idea what a URL even meant.  It took me hours to grasp the meaning of the language of the Internet.  It was completely foreign. I jumped in with grabbing onto just a few things and not being able to even begin to understand what search engine optimization was until months after being involved on the Internet marketing world. I was one who did my safelists daily and submitted my URL submissions.  Both being great for a beginner, not to mention they were the only two things I could understand.  And, honestly, I did not understand the URL submissions, except that they were free and they were suggested.  It was easy enough to just submit my URL to the submissions.  As it turned out, the URL submissions are having your website or URL submitted to the search engines.  Some submission sites may have a search engine directory of 40 search engines, some 10 some 150.  It just depends on the service you go with.  And, not all are free.  When you submit your site to search engines you will be placed in the rankings in the search engines.  Meaning every time someone types a keyword or keyword phrase in their browser your site will come up.  But search engine submission alone is not enough.  You must have high votes or visitors to your site to beat your competition in the positioning of the search engines.  If you have ten hits, obviously you are going to be on the last page.  So building your visitors or traffic to your site is extremely important.


However, there is much more to search engine submission than the mere submitting of your web link.  You must know:

  1. What the search engines are looking for
  2. Where to place crucial keywords
  3. How to code
  4. Construct relevant content


Submitting to the search engines does not guarantee that your site will be indexed.  It does not even guarantee that you site will be read.  Without the following the above steps, it is likely that your website will be passed over by the search engines and tossed out at the end of the day instead of being indexed in their database.


Concentrating on traffic or visitors to your site to achieve higher rankings in the search engines will be search engine marketing.  Search engine marketing is focusing on what is necessary to achieve search engine results.  Search engine marketing is Internet marketing with the sole purpose of increasing visibility in search engine result pages.  This marketing can include many methods, including paid placement, paid inclusion and contextual advertising.


There are many sites that you see that say “guaranteed visitors” “x” amount of dollars.  If you stick with one that you may obtain a refund if they do not produce, it should be well worth it.  There are many scams out there so make sure to do a little research on the company first.  With a simple Google search engine search you should be able to find out some information about the company.  You should definitely be able to discover if it is a scam or not.  Most places that are a scam are listed as scam sites on the Internet.  It is rarely that one is not listed.  Do make sure that they have refund policy before your purchase.  Also, make certain that they have actual visitors and not just software.  There is software that is used to crawl through your website in order to produce hits to your site.  These hits would record as visitors.


Search engine promotion is any form of advertising that brings visitors to your site.  Every visitor counts as a vote ranking your website higher in the search engines.  There are many forms of advertising that will bring results to your website.  Advertising is a must to have your website receive hits or visitor to increase your position in the search engine results.  This is called Search Engine Optimization.


As a website owner you will submit your site to search engines.  A simple search will yield results of many sites to submit your website to.  However, without exposure to your site, you will be down the list on the search engine results.


Advertising is a must when promoting or selling through your site.  You must gain visitors to your site in order to make it visible to Internet visitors.

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