Lessons an Ethical SEO Company Should Know Before Building a Content Marketing Strategy

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.31.2012




If your ethical SEO company is just starting out in building a content marketing campaign, you know how daunting it can be, especially if you haven’t had any guidance as to how to best go about it. Fortunately for you, you can avoid the common pitfalls that come with organizing an erroneous campaign. Here are several lessons you can learn from experienced professionals about building a content marketing strategy.


Remember, first, that they call it a content marketing strategy for a reason: it is indeed a strategy. You need to plan out your content marketing strategy before you can do anything else. You can write out all the original content you want, but all that effort will be futile if you don’t know who will read it or how it will be distributed. Find some industry newsletters, authoritative websites or guest posting opportunities on well-respected blogs to get your name out there.


If you’re writing a blog, make sure to prepare your blog posts and know who is going to read it. Make sure your readers will find the post informative and helpful so that they come back for more. Be aware of what kind of brand you’re building with your content, as the tone you adopt with your content will come to define your brand. You can also feel free to change up your strategy at a later time, but you should nonetheless have a plan set in stone.


Sometimes in your content, you’re going to have to be strong and forceful in your opinions without alienating everyone. If you put up an opinionated blog post, there will inevitably be people commenting and disagreeing with you. It’s great to encourage civil discussions, but never should you start an argument. As long as your opinions are backed up by hard research and great writing, you shouldn’t worry about any naysayers.


Your ethical SEO company will likely receive advice from more “experienced” SEO folks who say you can take shortcuts to increase traffic. They will emphasize the importance of social media interactions, link building and new SEO strategies over that of great content. It’s best for your company if you ignore this advice and focus on what works and what has always worked in the past: creating great content and promoting it to your audience. Sure, social media bookmarking, keyword creation and link building may help you a bit along the way, but don’t let these tricks distract you from your content marketing goals.


Remember that, with a great content marketing strategy, you will be getting what you pay for. In other words, a content writer that only requires $2 per article will likely give you $2 quality. A content writer that requires more for his time, on the other hand, will give you more. Expect to pay the right price for the right writer.


You may be building some great content for your site, but your readers are going to want an expert in the field. They are going to inquire about your credentials and your histories in the field, so you better come prepared for a good answer and tell them how you’re better than your competition.


In order to create a perfect content marketing strategy, you’ll have to put in the time, effort and money. You’ll find later that such investments were worth the effort if done right.

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