Lies About Search Engine Optimization and SEO Services

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.19.2012

In the search engine optimization and SEO services “biz” you will come across bogus theories and lies.  New people to the industry won’t realize they’re being fed these lies.  They unsuspectingly read a blog, went to a seminar, listened or watched something online, or even discussed it with a company that provides search engine optimization SEO services and thought they were getting honest help.

Even though there are many different opinions on strategies, some, irrefutably, are pointless.  Such as, paying any amount of money for a tool that submits your website to search engines every month.  It’s a scam, the person informing you of this “tool” is more than likely getting paid to push it on unsuspecting prey.

Why is there so much false information about SEO?  It’s easy to spread information and with each retelling it gets more muddled, it’s also easy for companies to peddle their programs online to unsuspecting website owners.  Real SEO is hard work, and the people these liars prey on either are ill-informed or too cheap to pay a real SEO consultant.  Especially when they think there’s a program that “can do it for them.”

Another factor is that there are a lot of prehistoric articles out there that are pertaining to SEO.  These articles can be up to 15 years old.  They are severely out-of-date, but still pop up in the search results claiming to be the “latest information.”  You must be careful when looking up articles and pay close attention to dates.  Like all things electronic and internet wise, SEO is quick to update as well.  What might of worked 15 years ago or even 5 years ago probably won’t work today.

Forums are a breeding ground for false information.  Most SEO forums are filled with newbies teaching newbies.  That means the information you are reading about is either “old,” false, or missing vital information.  Be wary of getting information from SEO forums.

You should never just believe something works because someone said so.  It doesn’t matter if an “SEO god” said a technique works.  If it sounds credible try it.  Keep in mind that if you can’t see the idea working or the proof, then don’t buy into it.  Think of it as buying a new vehicle, you wouldn’t just take the word of the salesman, you would want to test it and see supporting data.

Don’t mix up cause and effect, changing around the words in your title tag won’t necessarily boost your rank in Google.  It could boost your ranking, but don’t count on it.  It’s another one of those questionable SEO theories that base their conclusions on mixing up cause and effect.

You will find some SEOs are just set in their ways.  They feel that what worked for them then should work for them now.  Which isn’t the case, one example is that back in 1996 a hand written HTML coded site would have a better chance at ranking high then a dynamically generated coded website.

This is no longer true; it’ll probably be years before fact and fiction can be sorted out.  The only way to sift through it all now is to use your own judgment and research thoroughly.


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