Link building may sound self-explanatory to you, but really there’s a bit more to it than that.

Link building is, essentially, the process through which one acquires inbound links from established, relevant websites in order to Boost your rankings with major search engines and thus drive more traffic to your site.

Before you can even start link building, however, you must have linkable content. Linkable content is original and informative content. Although such content doesn’t have to be a true rarity or something no one has ever done before, it should at least come from a fresh perspective with practical advice that a reader can take and act upon. This is the most effective online content, and thus makes for linkable content.

The content must also have its own unique URL so that the linking can occur. The site itself must also be a well-functioning one, as linking to a poorly designed site will ensure a drop in search engine rankings. Fortunately for you, Sticky Web Media SEO professionals will ensure that your website operates in the best way possible before constructing a link building campaign.


Link Building Service

There are various sources to link from, including:

  • Between web pages
  • Authority websites in your industry
  • Link directories

Link builders can link between pages on your site for easier navigation, link between other sites you own, or link to sites relevant to your industry that have authority. A good link builder will know and inform you of which pages need links, as well as what kinds of links will benefit such pages.

Link builders also extend your content’s influence by publishing the content onto article directories. Your SEO professional will search for directories that your competitors appear on, as well as exploring directories that will have the biggest impact on your traffic. Of course, there are a wide variety of article directories, some of which have a good reputation, while others post only low-quality content and questionable links for the sake of links alone. A good link builder knows the difference.

Good link building also takes some innovation to perform well. Innovative methods of link building will cause the marketplace to want to link to your website. There are different methods of Innovative link building techniques. It could come in the form of innovative content that is remarkable, original and utterly fresh. The innovative link building may also come in the form of new technologies, which make it easier expose your business brand, or in the link builder’s activities. Such innovation relies on skill and creativity on behalf of the link builder, and some of the best link builders build their campaign on innovation and form a strategy based on your business needs.

When hiring a link builder, you won’t be paying for a magic wand to magically attract tons of new traffic to your site. But you will be investing in performance and results. You and your Sticky Web Media link builder will have an honest conversation about what goals are realistic in your link building campaign, as well as how your hard-earned money will be invested.